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"I add that the words 'the sun also riseth and the sun goeth down, and hasteneth to the place where he ariseth, etc.' were those of Solomon, who not only spoke by divine inspiration but was a man wise above all others and most learned in human sciences and in the knowledge of all created things, and his wisdom was from God. Thus it is not too likely that he would affirm something which was contrary to a truth either already demonstrated, or likely to be demonstrated."

Cardinal Bellarmine: Letter to Foscarini, 1615.

"Multi pacifici sint tibi: sed et consiliarius tibi sit unus de mille". Be in peace with many, but let one of a thousand be thy counsellor.

Sirach 6:6


Si tacuisses, philosophus manisses. If you had remained silent, you would've been a philosopher.




"Generatio praeterit et generatio advenit, terra vero in aeternum stat." One generation passes away, and another generation comes, but the earth stands for ever.

And a common saying from such an experience, with a path and prescribed course to follow, has been that human affairs form a circle: and that there is a circle in all other things, every circle having proportion and a root, ἡγεμονικόν, holding the highest place in each genus, and that time itself is a circle. Yet endless as the present may seem on occasion, pressing or no, nevertheless, it is shorter than the long time to come.

In any situation, therefore, that the likeness between art and nature may become more emphatic, having come about in a given way, over whatever time, each step in the series is for the next -- as for the sake of that, that that that would also be the end. That one indeed and the nature of things is so, also as intelligence is for the sake of some purpose, so that if any city had been built by nature it would have been the same as if by art, since work is another reflection and completes what nature does not bring to a finish.

"As in intelligent action, so in nature" and as in nature so it is to be sure. And if there was an age when all roads led to Rome, so long ago, it could have been a Jupiter transit, and one in Virgo, as well as another circle in the cards. After all, whatever the hand the whole is just a plurality of measures, even under the empire of the stars, which as much as terrestrial governments would make people look up and lead from one world to another by signs.

Dixit autem Deus fiant luminaria in firmamento caeli ut dividant diem ac noctem et sint in signa et tempora et dies et annos: ut luceant in firmamento caeli et inluminent terram et factum est ita.

And God said: Let there be lights made in the firmament of heaven, to divide the day and the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years: to shine in the firmament of heaven, and to give light upon the earth, and it was so done. "For anything such that when it is another thing is, or when it has come into being the other has come into being before or after, is a sign of the other's being or having come into being."

Yet some signposts or lights may seem trivial at times, if not out of place, or even inaccessible. As difficult for comparisons and strangely out of date as a tesseract lost between worlds, but even "small disconnected facts, if you take note of them, have a way of becoming connected."-1

It must be fate, and if there would be any doubts that the Earth is not orbiting the sun, just place a 21st century interferomenter (or interferential refractometer) under the center of any working Foucault pendulum. Si sapis sis apis: if you are wise be a bee, and if the Earth were moving, the results would not be the same. Besides, if the Earth were flying in space, making time to orbit the sun, it would drive all the golfers and birds insane. It would derange everything, with such woeful, hopeless, and utter confusion that crowds and crowds of people would be scrambled to the bitter ends, crying out for relief, falling down in the streets. So grievous the haywire, in the course of events, that Godzilla and his most dangerous rival King Ghidorah could not stand it either. And it would destroy all the butterflies and vegetation of the gardens, flowers, and beautiful trees, and all the fountains would crash.


If the Earth were flying around as heliocentrism requires, it would first uproot all the delicate trees and then wipe out the stronger ones. There are pines and spruce; cypress, olive, and nutmeg; junipers and oaks, that are hundreds and sometimes thousands of years old. For instance, the ancient Fortingall Yew in Scotland is estimated to be more than 2,000 years old. Two other well known millenarian yews include the Llangernyw Yew in Wales and the Caesarsboom in Belgium. There is also the famous Cypress of Arbakuh, called the Zoroastrian Sarv, in Iran, and the Olive tree of Vouves in Greece. They could not have survived so long, through centuries and millenia, under the cosmic strain that would be created by the Earth having to revolve and orbit the sun.


No man could save his gear from blooming pandemonium, and birds leaving their nests in the morning would not be able to find them again in the evening. If there were any actual phenomena such as a high velocity earth, everything, all the turkeys and the straw, would become so unpleasant or dangerous by turns that all would be put out of place in short order. A condor over the Andes would find himself lost over the Pacific Ocean in no time. Hunting for even an unwise and silly rabbit in the open field would become too much to do for an eagle like Aquila chrysaetos, or a hawk like Accipiter gentilis. Buteo regalis and the other birds would not be able to build nests in the trees wheeling around, when the branches were not breaking apart. To barely get by for another day would become impossible, and the dragonflies and little creatures of the forest would find the environment intolerable and go extinct, adieu adieu. It would become a total disaster. They would all be extinguished, lions, tigers, elks, and bears, having been wiped out long ago, under the careening stresses of a mixed-up, heliocentric universe.

They say sorrows were not made for animals or trees but for men, and "the emptiest yet fullest of all human messages: good-bye", would have to say it all. And death, where is not thy sting, they would all say, or the syllogism of doom with the mind splitting middle term of total and utterly complete blindest ignorance, if the earth orbits the sun?
It is unscientific and mathematically, logically, and physically impossible, therefore, for the Earth to be orbiting the sun, without the world coming apart, all whithers and wutherings, and worse for any box of crackers or bird seed.
"Home no more home to me, whither must I wander?" and beyond passing a little bit of strangeways to believe that the Earth orbits the sun; and all the time, wherever the goats roam, there it is, physics and déjà vu, and the Earth is always the thing closest to home. Most massive, in fact, and it always seems so much at ease -- like not in motion, but rather at rest. If they said that all the crazy numbers for the conjured science of heliocentrism were different tomorrow, what difference could it make? Things always seems otherwise anyway. And terra firma through all this?
Woe-villa Dragonfly … ad metam … to the mark
Wherever you go, as you are
And round Earth always is the thing closest to home
Wings of motion, raising the bar
Where on the roads of life happy travelers roam
The eye in the sky and the wind
May touch the mind with gentle reason, with measure
The little people do commend
Keeping an eye on time and space as a treasure
Also keep an eye on the road
And what is coming up ahead this way or that
For what will be ahead is code
And if it’s a big dragonfly, it may go splat
Other day it happened to me
Was the last buzz of fun he’d ever see, so sad
He, then car, accidentally
Wingèd-butter, ‘tween bug and car, the math was bad
… and so is this poetry
Emerald green … and aqua blue
When he hit the car, he made a sound like a dart
Low dragonfly, nothing to do,
Too late for him much it was for a better start
Suspended in flight the bug stood
On the road having fun, 'twas a seasoned old gun
Before he stuck under the hood
Now no more days of fun, for enjoying the sun
How the up-down's a tragic dance
Even casually, ad metam, to the mark
Pleurons pauvre toi sans bon chance
All these gone years since Armenia's Noah's ark

King Solomon was credited as one of the wisest men in history, and he did not believe in heliocentrism or relativity either. Rather he believed in geocentrism and authenticity. He believed that the Sun orbits the Earth, and the Earth is not moving.


One of the legends about his reign is that one day the Queen of Sheba came to visit and tested Solomon's wisdom by presenting him with two lilies, one real, one crafted, and asked him to choose the real one. The one that was artificial was so cleverly made that no one could tell the difference by looking at it, that it was not real.


Solomon was amazed at this, but after thinking about it, he noticed a bee in the garden near the window. He opened the window to let the bee in, and the bee flew around the lilies to discover the one that was real and then settled on it. 


The Queen of Sheba was over delighted, and said, "you are as wise as people say. It is a wise man indeed who is willing to learn from a humble honey bee." 


And like a synthetic product, heliocentrism is artificial. They go to so much endless trouble about "gravity" and relativity in various "inertial" and noninertial frames of reference to deny the truth; but in the end they themselves are admitting that they are fools, because the proof for geocentrism is right under everybody's nose, or the foot, and any Foucault pendulum, and not that complicated for the quality.


For an illustration of the problems of heliocentrism, if someone had a globe of the Earth in his library, that was little more than a yard in circumference, and he made an honest bet of one million dollars with the world that no one could spin it in scale as fast as the Earth is supposedly spinning around for the sun, how coud he lose the bet?


Cowboys say never drive black cattle in the dark: and all the losers believing in the heresy of heliocentrism would have to try to spin it, and spin it fast: astronomically fast. They may not realize how fast they would have to spin it, to spin it in scale, and make it spin like the Earth. It would be at least 474 times around per second.


Who could make it spin around completely 474 times per second to keep it modeled in scale with the theory of Copernicus? No one and nobody. There is not even a machine that could make a globe of one yard circumference spin around completely 474 times a second. That would be a quadrigenti-septuaquattuorgesimatrixi of a second, I/ CDLXXIV: a one to 474th fraction of a second rate.


Come and try: Mολὼν λαβέ, come and take it. You will not be able to do it ab urbe condita.


"One nice thing about silence is that it cannot be repeated", and how correct Aristotle was to say that natural motion cannot take place in an instant. Paths cross in a moment, fragments to catch a point in time, one brief moment less than more and far from infinite.

With all the years of study, he reckoned the Earth as stationary, and the fruits of the land do not produce anything to orbit the sun. People may speak loosely of an instant of time, but an instant of natural time is always only a moment between two others, the one before and the one after. By an "instant" people mean an occurrence, a point between points, not actually an instantaneous motion in the sense of indivisible, which is the unqualified level of instantaneous. And besides, if there has been room to suggest the dimunition or dilation of time in relativity, it is because there is the common sense already that no natural order of motion is absolutely instantaneous.


However, looking at the million dollar globe, a wiser fellow knowing enough about knots, Socrates and Aristotle, and the Bible, may win the bet by not spinning it at all. Spin it at 0 mph, like the North and South poles, and it will come out spinning as fast and in scale as the rest of the  Earth.

Since King Solomon was a wealthy king, he may not have needed the extra money, but he could have won the million dollar challenge, if he had heard it, who never saw a Foucault pendulum. If he had seen one of those, he still would have written that "the Sun also rises and goes down, and returns to its place, and from there it rises again".-2 And the Foucault pendulum and its theory look like loose crazy knots. No matter how strong the rope, when the knot is bad, something will crash.
"A foolish child is a father's ruin, and a quarrelsome wife is a nuissance like a leaky roof".-3 When the roof has gone bad, is it not to be expected that one day it will fall through? So may the sky of many backward years fall from the ends on Foucault.
"He has set a tabernacle in the sun: and the sun as a bridegroom comes up out of his chamber, as a giant to run the way." The sun's "going out is from the end of heaven, and his circuit even to the end thereof: and there is no one that can hide himself from his heat."-4 "Before the mountains were made, or the earth and the world was formed, from eternity and to eternity only God, the Lord eternal, is God".-5 The created sphere of space is not infinite too, and neither is any pendulum plane, as the infinite may overfill space, over whatever time, but not space the infinite.
Qoheleth would still say, "yet the world stands firm, never to be moved."-6 The Almighty "has established the earth, and it stands firm.”-7 Where was a tinkering sort like Foucault, when "the foundations of the earth" were laid?(8): the foundations of the earth that are immovable, even more than the foundations of the ancient Temple of Solomon until 587 BC, or Rome 753 a.u.c. and Mt. Olympus 776 BC, et cetera, that did not orbit the sun or the stars. The sun and the stars always orbited them. "The Lord has stretched out the northern skies over empty space, and he suspends the earth over nothing."-9 
"The God of gods, the Lord hath spoken: and he hath called the earth. From the rising of the sun, to the going down thereof."-10
"When it is evening, you say, 'It will be fair weather, for the sky is red. And in the morning: Today there will be a storm. Dark clouds are in the sky and lowering. You know then how to discern the face of the sky: and they have learned also how to make and misrepresent a gyroscope rigged pendulum: yet science never can tell that the earth is spinning around in the slightest. A vain imposture, a pretentious thing for Foucault to try to deceive the world with such an invention of doublespeak."-11
As regards such a measure, science has to make the double assumption of meaning and existence, yet since the existence of such a thing is so drolly contrived it must be false. "The earth is vast, and heaven is high, and the sun is swift in its course, for it makes the circuit of the heavens and returns to its place in one day."-12 "For the pillars (the poles) of the Earth are the Lord's, and upon them he hath set the world."-13 The dynamic of the pillars of the Earth are the magnetic poles inside the Earth.
"The world is established; it shall never be moved,"(14) and if its roots go to infinity, it is because it is created by an infinite creator. As far as Pharoah's chickens, Neophron percnopterus, may fly, the Egyptian vultures see it too; and as far as east is from west, they see the same world as MIT and Beaky Buzzard, since it is latitude and longitude open to view, something in common.
In the Book of Joshua, if the earth were moving, the land would have had to come to a stand still too, as the sun stood still above it, at the miracle of Gibeon. Yet no one could tell that day if the land had stopped as well as the sun, because no one was ever able to recognize that the earth rotates at all in the first place. All anyone could see was that the sun had stopped in its place, "in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down for the space of one day. There was not before, nor after, so long a day."-15
In the miracle of the sundial in the Book of Isaiah, the witnesses could tell that the shadow of the sun went back ten degrees to the east, and that the earth was not spinning away from underneath it.-16 Even under typical conditions, if the shadow on a sundial progresses as slowly as the day, how is the Earth spinning away from underneath it so much faster?
"The Bible is worth all the other books which have ever been printed"(17), and so clearly presents the geocentric view that Foucault or any other person who would deny this would seem intellectually unfit or dishonest, from either alien willfulness or blind stupidity. It is just as fatuous to argue that the Earth is too big for science to sense its rotation, as it is to say that one was wondering why the frisbee was getting bigger until it hit him, and since we are directly on the surface, therefore, we instead observe the plane of the pendulum rotate. Obviously the Earth is gigantic in comparison with everything else we are able to detect directly, including a Foucault pendulum; and we should certainly notice if it were flying, before a little pendulum's impression would be needed to give it away. If the Earth landed on the engineer's head, how would that compare with a Foucault pendulum falling down?
As Newton himself wrote, "the quantity of motion is the measure of the same, arising from the velocity and quantity of matter conjunctly. The motion of the whole is the sum of the motions of all the parts; and therefore in a body double in quantity, with equal velocity, the motion is double. Force is ever proportional to the body whose force it is".-18
As “motion is ever proportional to the motive force … if any force generates a motion, a double force will generate double the motion, a triple force triple the motion, whether that force be … altogether and at once, or gradually and successively".-19 Neither in Newtonian mechanics nor relativity is there any reasonable explanation of the theory and facts of Foucault's pendulum, as demonstrated from either of the poles to the equator, except that obviously it is driven, damped, and tuned.-20

Even as innocent entertainment to fool the naive, one should notice that the only two natural factors supposedly at work in Foucault pendulums are from the worldwide Coriolis effect, from the supposed spinning rotations of Earth, and, two, their cosmic discovery of the supposed fixed plane of oscillation. Yet the situation is unnatural, what some would call an antinomy, becoming sort of self-contradictory. Since de rigeur it has been assumed by modernist science, as much as modernist social doctrine, that the Earth is spinning away into the East, because the sun, the moon, and the stars rise in the East and then set in the West … that way also it has been assumed, as following, that on Earth all free moving objects, including masses of air, are subject to the Coriolis effect, per result of the Earth’s massive and astronomical revolutions into space.





Winter's Snow Invocation of the Great White Stoat


Swiftly speed o'er the acres of time,
   O Spirit of the Great Stoat.

In winter's morn, in season's prime,
   we woo thy breath.

For the glittering hues of hope are fled
  Like the dolphin's light;

And dark are the clouds above our head
  As the starless night.

Oh, vainly the mariner signs for the rest
   Of the peaceful haven,

The pilgrim saint for the shrines of the blest, 
   The calm of heaven;

The galley slave for the night wind's breath,
   At burning noon;

But more gladly would all spring to thy arms, O Great White Stoat,
   Come soon, come soon!




(adapted from Alexander Keith McClung)