NASA and the Moon
GE's Complaint
GE's Complaint

Sample Letter to the Editor.

(Over the years, Colonel Bonaventure has written a few letters of complaint "to the editor" about the corruptions and chicanery of NASA, Judeo-Masonry, and the errors of heliocentrism. Chosen as an introductory example for the reader, this is a copy of one that seemed succinct, yet extensive enough to convey a fair impression of some of the ideas that are in consideration in this book: namely, that the Sun does move, contrary to Copernicus, and it orbits the Earth, of course, and NASA has never landed on the Moon or Mars, and the Foucault pendulum is a hoax, et cetera.)

Whereof one can speak, thereof one may also remain silent, wherever of course; yet everyone becomes a part of history, whether they like it or not, and whether they know it or not. Whereof indeed, it should be known that NASA has never landed
on the Moon, and they have never landed on Mars. They are not on Mars today with a rover, and the way you publish these faked pictures from Mars only contributes to cosmic distortion. 

A prodigious deception, and betrayal of the public trust, perhaps "the most monumental hoax in the history of humanity", and they cannot even correctly tell you which way the Moon goes: since NASA has the Moon going the wrong way. They have it backwards and think that it takes the Moon about 28 days to orbit the Earth. Rather not, as much as they got their bad ideas from Newton and Kepler, who both had the Moon going the wrong way, and in the wrong time.

The Moon goes from East to West around the Earth, of course, in around 24 hours and 54 minutes every day. If sometimes one can give it another two or six minutes, to weigh the seconds in averages, a little like that or so in a window view, yet
sometimes on occasion it may seem close even to 52, or six less from 54 the other way, like 24 hours and 48 minutes. Some strange things sometimes can go on between the Moon and the ascendant, the inclined plane and the nodes in time and the units, but that is all clockwise all the same when viewed from above the North Pole, and in any case it does not rotate.

In fact, the Moon does not rotate at all, and neither does the Earth. The Earth for its part is not moving, and not rotating either; and the Sun also orbits the Earth from East to West every day, clockwise when viewed from above the North Pole, like the Moon.

Il y a toujours la manière and "it is nothing strange, I hope", wrote Hume, "that men should lie in all ages", yet heliocentrism is completely wrong, and so is NASA. NASA is a simulation bag of bad tricks and Judeo-Masonic hoaxem, like the UN ... and its Foucaulty pendulum ... then there is Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate), the Bank for International Settlements and ICAP, the World Bank, IMF, the "Federal" Reserve and Wall Street.

Not to mention the World Economic Forum and dissimulation as simulation and the markets. Pop-Tarts then and may as many have them as want them, and wake up and smell the coffee. Snap out of the spell. You have been had and buried by the TV. They think you are about as smart as a box of rocks ... or dumb as a post.

Why do you have the right to vote anyway? You turned eighteen and rolled out of bed? and can chew gum and walk?

Stanley Kubrick helped film the faked Apollo Moon landings (69-72), and NASA's own films from their lunar theater sound-stage shows have artificial lighting, front screen projection, and stage wires, and there was a large stadium spotlight -- a Hollywood light-bulb filler -- in the Apollo "Sun". How do stage wires, front screen projection, and artificial lighting get on the Moon and an oversized light-bulb in the Apollo "Sun"? 

The answer is that they were never on the Moon -- not any more than Jiminy Cricket. In fact, they cannot land a man on the Moon today, and no shuttle pilot has gone past low Earth orbit of a few hundred miles. With the Saturn V and project Apollo spacecraft, they were not more than 120 to 240 miles out, like the ISS today.

The Moon is 250,000 miles away, for heaven's sake! Besides the Van Allen radiation belts, there is an extensive and powerful neutral gravity zone between the Earth and the Moon, an elemental and electro-magnetic field like a chasm, which science does not yet understand. NASA cannot land on it today or put a remote orbiter around it. Among all the nations of the world today, there is not one that has a rocket that can reach the Moon. And the Moon, of course, is of another celestial order -- "casta diva" as they sing in the opera.

The Russians have competitive rockets and have never landed on the Moon and neither has NASA. Like the Russians and everybody else, NASA cannot land on the Moon with any combustible fuel rocket, and it cannot use any form of far-out rocket boost propulsion or "gravity kicks" to get a remote vehicle and space movie equipment to Mars either.

Besides this, the Foucault pendulum hoaxem at the UN is driven, damped, and tuned. It is not what "scientific" materialist gate-keepers and their interpreters of chaos pretend it to be. The Judeo-Masonic controlled Netherlands donated it to the UN in 1955, in an act of degenerate stupidity, like late night or early morning prostitution and drugs in Amsterdam, one year after the first Bilderberger meetings, also in the Netherlands, in 1954. 

It was during the Second Judeo-Masonic Empire of France, after the communist conspiracy and revolutions of 1848 brought Louis Napoleon to power, that the Foucault pendulum originally was introduced, in 1851, to demonstrate to poor rubes how the Earth is supposedly flying in space, spinning around and around, to orbit the Sun. Yet 170 years later, the thing still ironically proves the opposite case: that the Earth is not moving at all, if you have not noticed already, and the Sun and planets and stars are all orbiting the Earth.

Colonel George Ernest Bonaventure
USAF Geocentrist Observatory Command, retired


Of course, all the LEO (low Earth orbit) satellites from ninety to a few hundred miles out and etc., clearly show the same details in general: that the Earth is not moving.

If there would be any difficulty in understanding that the Earth is a sphere, and is not moving, just visualize your town on top, where they normally show the North pole, with the rest of the globe arranged accordingly. That way the sun goes up and over rather than sideways, and you will not fall off. Simile gaudet simili, and there is a plenum, of course, a mute witness to the perfect virtue of equilibrium.

If it helps, it is okay to do this, as it is a question of comparison that does not really matter, since the entire cosmos is a sphere; and 
in the big and vast cosmic picture, there is not any normally restrictive sense of up or down magnified within it, not as per vitam mundi of ordinary location, since "up and down are not for all things what they are for the whole cosmos". 



US Won't Be returning to Moon, NASA Chief says   😮 🤔 🤒

" 'NASA is not going to the Moon with a human as a primary project probably in my lifetime,' Bolden told a joint meeting of the Space Studies Board and the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board in Washington last week, according to Jeff Foust of 'And the reason is, we can only do so many things.'

Instead, he said the focus would remain on human missions to asteroids and to Mars. 'We intend to do that, and we think it can be done.'   Meanwhile, interest in the moon has been growing in both the private sector and in foreign countries." 

(These unbaptized scam artists in the so-called "private sector" need to figure out correctly which way the moon actually is going first, and that neither the Earth nor the sun can be flying along at six different speeds at once. They will not get there with any rocket technology either. It has taken them 4 days on average to reach the ISS. It supposedly took NASA 4 days to reach the Moon. It takes them 4 days to properly configure a low earth orbit of only 250 miles, not to land on the Moon, which is 250,000 miles away and of another celestial order.)

They were never on the Moon in the first place at all. All their deep space missions have been billion-dollar'd-wrench frauds. This is an old bait and switch and the fool-once-removed routine. They're not going to return to the Moon in his or your lifetime, but they're going to asteroids and Mars. The trips to Mars are fake. So are Time Magazine and Newsweek. They are controlled media and space movies with a captive profit.

The level of deception and delusion in this Judeo-Masonic dominated society is sick. Judeo-Masonic hustle, Feral Rezerve Bank catabasis, and Marxist dialectics, and that's why the country is being wrecked up and demoralized by the present banking system and lack of funding for common sense and old fashioned morals. There is no fair hope in the end for such an undermined process in society as represented by "scientific" materialism and liberalism. The basic facts have all been washed out to sea and are in open water where many little dinghies don't know the first things about navigation or how to pick up the garbage.  

... not out of the woods yet. The international Judeo-Masonic "scientific" materialist conspiracy that is like an anti-Christ is still here. They will not just get up and quit their lies and crazy pyramid schemes, and they are in charge.

And they own and make all the money. They have the banks, the media, and the miseducation system in their hands.

Will the international communist Judeo-Masonic conspiracy have "Sex and the City" and gay marriage and an international banking scheme to scam folks with on Mars?

Will Jimmy Kimmel go?

who knows? Just watch HBO and follow the major media outlets. Everything will be just fine.  

"And 'Barrabas'! they cried. 'Barrabas! and we have gone to the moon with Stanley Kubrick and stupid 1969 rockets, and stage wires and a big spotlight for the sun from Macy's, and we will go to Mars in the 2030's! ..."

"Free Barrabas but crucify the truth and any 2 + 2 = 4 that would have a name" ...

How will corruption and bribery not blind the mind, darken the soul, and harden the heart? If a foolish deception is believed, it will twist and blind those who could otherwise see; it will destroy the words of the innocent. "Extortion turns a wise man into a fool, and a bribe destroys the heart."

For the pleasure of the circus "can prolong ignorance and corrupt the conscience". For such is the power of vain fascination, de spectaculo, that its seed "contrives to prolong a willing ignorance, and bribes knowledge into playing a dishonest part."


The level of deceit and corruption from NASA and the "US Government" is incredible. 

For example, "President Barack Obama has proposed a $17.7 billion dollar budget for NASA in 2014, and he supports a 'vibrant and coordinated strategy for Mars exploration,' Bolden said."

Barack Obama could not even send his sealed records, with Executive Order 13489 and his felony fraud birth certificate included, to the Moon much less Mars, with any rockets or transportation vehicles from NASA.

They make billions and billions ... and trillions ... from lies. The "U.S.A." today is falling down on a "NWO" bridge of lies and delusions to nowhere.

May Aristotle, Cicero, St. Anselm, and George Washington rebuke this tyranny of the scam ... ad infinitum ...
 and God bless George Washington.


"Truth's a dog must to kennel; he must be whipped
out, when Lady the brach may stand by the fire and stink.

Mark it, nuncle:
Have more than thou showest,
Speak less than thou knowest,
Lend less than thou owest,
Ride more than thou goest,
Learn more than thou trowest,
Leave thy drink and thy whore,
And keep in-a-door,
And thou shalt have more
Than two tens to a score.

Give me an egg, nuncle, and I'll give thee two crowns.

After I have cut the egg i' the middle, and eat
up the meat, I'll return thee two crowns of the egg.

When thou
 clovest thy crown i' the middle, and gavest away
both parts, thou borest thy ass on thy back o'er
the dirt: thou hadst little wit in thy bald crown,
when thou gavest thy golden one away ."


Will NASA figure out which way the moon is actually going, and that the sun orbits the earth, and the earth is not moving, by 2020? And how ever to tell the truth about "Apollo" and their other lies?

The only thing they can do is fake more heliocentric nonsense, on and on and on, until intervening events will stop them.

90 to 250 to 500 miles et cetera for satellites is nowhere near the 250,000 miles that it is to the moon. The moon does not orbit the earth from "gravity" either. 


The day Tuesday is named after the planet (wandering star) Mars; and NASA still pretends that it has landed two multi-billion dollar rovers there in the course of its Judeo-Masonic "scientific" materialist history.

Hell is so dangerous and devious, and so painful, that it is better to get wet in a rain storm than have use of a stolen umbrella; yet NASA will continue with its astronomical budgetary explorations, media junkets, and TIme Magazine covers; and the Judeo-Masonic "scientific" materialist US gubbament will keep underwriting it. ("underwriting" to "funding" as "funding" to "underwriting")


Stars and Planets (Norman MacCaig)

Trees are cages for them: water holds its breath
To balance them without smudging on its delicate meniscus.
Children watch them playing in their heavenly playground;
Men use them to lug ships across oceans, through firths.

They seem so twinkle-still, but they never cease
Inventing new spaces and huge explosions
And migrating in mathematical tribes over
The steppes of space at their outrageous ease.

It's hard to think that the earth is one —
This poor sad bearer of wars and disasters
Rolls-Roycing round the sun with its load of gangsters,
Attended only by the loveless moon.