Gunga ga lunga

gunga ga lunga gunga, gunga gunga, zimbo timbo tibia tibi tibi

Motion of Sphere II


"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness."

 John Muir



Section II

William Gilbert(1544-1603) made a typical shortsighted argument in support of the Copernican system, stating in Book 6, Chapter III of "De Magnete" that it was an absurdity to think that the immense celestial spheres rotate daily, as opposed to a hypothetical diurnal rotation of the much smaller earth. He argued that due to the "inordinate size" of the celestial spheres, if in fact the spheres existed at all, which he seemed to doubt, it was a better idea that the relatively tiny sphere of the earth would rotate every 24 hours, to account for day and night. 

"How far away from the earth are those remotest of stars: they are beyond the reach of eye, or man's devices, or man's thought. What an absurdity is this motion of [celestial] spheres".-1


The mathematician and philosophe Simon Laplace (1749-1827) believed the same. In his 1796 treatise, "L'expostion du systeme du monde", he wrote about the sphere of the Sun: "is it not infinitely more simple to suppose that the globe we inhabit rotates about itself than to assume that a mass as considerable and as distant as the Sun moves with the extreme speed necessary for it to turn around the Earth in one day?"-2


However, when heliocentrics like Gilbert, Laplace, and the others have thought it better to assume that the world revolves to orbit the Sun, because the Sun appears to be so big, impressive, and far away, they have not realized or admitted what a bad switch was made. Imagining it unreasonable to assume that the distant stars in their spheres all go around the Earth in a day, because they are so far away and would have to travel so fast, they avoid acknowledging that to assume the terrestrial environment revolves and orbits the Sun only transfers the immense celestial motions of the distant stars and their spheres to it, then making the Earth have to carry out astronomically gigantic and contradictory motions at once, which are impossible, without the place going to pieces. 



Since however it is, motion is caused, the same must necessarily have the same effect on the same thing. Small wonder then that the solutions offered to avoid the facts involve greater absurdities than the problem itself.

From the impossible hypothesis impossible results follow. Instead how much better it is to understand a little than misunderstand a lot. Whether the door closed or again is open, even the Devil knows that if the magnitude of the cosmos appears on a gigantic scale, compared with little window views from Earth, still it is not "inordinate", not more than opposites around a circle. The round world is not empty cipher. What is common to anything is common to all of it, where so many people and things are round enough in origin even for all comparisons. If Meno found all numbers are discoverable in a humble figure like the square root of two, they are the same way in things from one end of the arcade to another.

If there were no lights, for instance, it would not be that total darkness is so inordinate. Neither the blindness, wrapped in darkness of a hollow sphere, where it is simply something like pitch black and nothing to see. Vision is the same everywhere, as there seem to be common properties involved in such a design. Accordingly, desire and pursuit of the whole is not out of order either, not for the extent of anything that is there and there to see, not any more than the experience, or the natural numbers themselves that seem to climb so high, and continue on and on to infinity, or as far as counting can go, from east to west, and north to south, et cetera.

People may travel the world or stay at home to look at the stars in a drunken stupor. And what a pleasure it is that "seeing seems at any moment to be complete, for it does not lack anything which coming into being later will complete its form. Pleasure also seems to be of this nature, for it is a whole, and at no time can one find a pleasure whose form will be completed if it lasts longer"(3) -- but for the Earth to be orbiting the sun in synchronization with the motions of the planets and distant stars then requires it to have seven different speeds at once, not even counting the rpd’s for all the different latitudes. For the sake of appearances, heliocentrism has too much simultaneous work to do, too many places to be, too many rivers and mountains to cross, and too much to explain, and would have the terra firma going forward in loops, seven distinct speeds at once, besides spinning at many different velocities along its latitudes.


No pleasure at all, to be caught in such a way, and with nobody noticing? Somebody get the brakes fixed or cancel the reservation. It is impossible that this would be a reasonble way to account for the days, months, and years that can go by with such simplicity and peace, and not even satellites have been able to detect any motion of the Earth.


When people say "tempus fugit", they already know that that means the days and time fly away around the earth, not that the earth any more than a clock flies away around them. From ancient Greek, the word κόσμος, "cosmos", means "something prepared and well ordered, a good arrangement and a proper system". Like the verb κοσμεῖν, to put something together, even if a costume when applied to the universe and firmament, it means the same thing.


It is not too difficult to see, therefore, that two of the many incontrovertible signs that remove any logical possibilities for heliocentrism are the universal 24 hour day, and the magnitude and spherical nature of the cosmos. Since the 24 hour day is universal across Earth, and the Earth is a sphere, heliocentrism must have it spin at many different speeds along its latitudes at once, as the dimensions of circumference change, according to parallels vis-a-vis the equator. And from the depths of outer space and astronomy, it would also add that the Earth flies about with multiple mountainous velocities at once. But the scenario is not at all possible, impossible rather in the overall shape of cause and effect, unless the place is coming apart in a cloud of interstellar dust and ash.


As far as the absurd theory of the undetectable unaccelerated yet immediate motion of the Earth, would people not notice if the Earth were flying apart to separate in so many directions? People may fear loose ground underfoot, at the knife's edge of a cliff, but not the Earth wheeling around into celestial space, even as it would make things disintegrate. If people would not notice the land rolling along with an undetectable motion, at many immediate astronomical velocities at once, would they not notice it dissolving in a whirlwind of chaos, since it cannot be more than one place at once?


Not more than one total thing, of course, yet according to heliocentrism, the Earth is orbiting the sun at an estimated rate of 66,600 mph, or 29.80 km/s, and also the galactic core, with the sun and the solar system, at anywhere from 492,130 to 446,000 mph. In addition to these two divergences, with the sun and the solar system, it supposedly is moving towards the constellation Hercules and the star Lambda Herculis at 43,200 mph, and moving upwards at about 90 degrees to the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy at 15,624 mph. Chaotically this could represent altogether a total figure for Earth flight velocity of 572,862 to 618,592 mph from four different courses.


If this was all, for totaling the chaos of heliocentrism, rushing in its insane version for what makes a day, it would be close, but coming up a little bit short. The poor trodden earth should be threadbare rather, also going 827,670 mph with respect to the cosmic microwave background radiation, the CMB, and orbiting with the Milky Way Galaxy a more distant localized group of galaxies, away off in the distance, at an estimated rate anywhere from 1,230,330 to 1,339,200 mph.


The seventh velocity for the earth at the diabolical hands of heliocentrism is a cool 2,184,000 mph with the Hubble flow around the "Great Atractor", which does not even have a specific location or stabilized point of reference in any normal sense, even in view of Chattanooga, Tennessee, where a scientific brochure says that one can see seven states from Lookout Mountain. For it to be what it is, even just for the view, any state of existence should have a center, and for such an important place as the "Great Attractor" to have no location on a map of the cosmos with no center could seem a little strange if not interrupted.

Vergil perhaps would say, like the fall of Troy, "opera ingentia pendent interrupta, aequataque machina caelorum ... et absque centro. A vast work hangs interupted, in some comparison of the scheme of the heavens ... and from the center, et cetera.-4 

Around and around the go-kart track, rushing in all directions off the precipice of motion: pedal to the metal, to the floor, never looking back, eyes on the road up ahead, hands on the wheel, keep pushing the pedal, spinning the competition out, off we go, turning tight, so we don't hit the trees. 



A bag of french fries gone wild, and some people use to say a flung stone belongs to the devil. It seems there is surely a strange confusion of causes and conditions in all this. A table of gigantic confusion speeds for the earth, therefore, according to heliocentrism and the disjunction, is as follows:

1. 66,600 mph around the sun
2. 492,130 to 446,000 mph around the galactic core, and then
3. 43,200 mph towards Lambda Herculis
4. 15,658 mph upwards to the plane of the Milky Way
5. 827,670 mph in view of the  cosmic microwave background radiation
6. 1,235,000 to 1,410,00 mph with the Milky Way around a localized group of distant galaxies
7. 2,184,000 mph with the Hubble flow around the "Great Atractor"

The earth would have all these astronomical velocities applied to it at once, because of "gravity" and for the sake of heliocentrism, and then the different speeds of rotation North and South across all the latitudes. A more ordinary take on things is better than a scientific theory like this, as much as any effective symbol in the solution of whatever equation cannot have two different values at the same time. There should be some respect, and the Chinese, for their part, have made many noodles, and restaurants, and say that "near to rivers, we recognize fish, near to mountains, we recognize the songs of birds. It is very important to make on-the-spot investigations": 近 水 知 鱼 性, 近 山 识 鸟 音 (jìn shuǐ zhī yú xìng, jìn shān shí niǎo yīn).

Like trees and the breeze singing airs to the moon and stars at an abandoned medieval golf course. When the first softness of spring is in the air or the smell of the parched earth after rain, it is good to have a feeling for the sounds and scents of the country, blooming flowers and birds on the wing, and to love nature and next to nature art.


And in the colder months, may God temper the wind to the shorn lamb, but not if the Earth orbits the Sun in New Hampshire. Since if it is the sun in New Hampshire that the Earth orbits, well, look out, also fot the ghost in the machine there, where the border area with Massachusetts speeds along like 768 mph or so, about the 42nd and a half parallel, and the mountains may add to it record wind gusts like another 231 mph ... That should be enough to knock over the peleton at the Tour de France anytime.

Like the razor's edge in a golf ball bounding down the street, beyond the heath to city park, it remains true as Huey to Dewey and Louie Duck that "the wisest of the wise will never make a crab walk straight"(5). But an honest science could leave all such winds and rubbish of nonsense at the gate, and return to where there once was logic, some real possibility with facts, and a peaceful afternoon, also for the catalogue wisdoms of Aristotle. As all points on Earth are of the same unitary distribution as in a sphere, being composed together in a simple body with haecceitas, if any locality on Earth spins, then it all spins. If any area on Earth does not rotate, then none of it rotates. If any town on Earth rotates any one speed, then all of it goes that same speed, and it cannot fly through the universe many different speeds at once.

Even for woods, myrtle, water, and earth, in terms of any worldwide motion or the worldwide affects, it is either all or one, or nothing more than chaos, the unassuageable void of the abyss. With this kind of cosmic situation of logic and physics, some things like heliocentrism simply are impossible, even for a beach ball, and an argument from impossibility is taken as very strong in law: argumentum ab impossibilii plurimum valet in lege, et cetera. 
Besides the preposterous incongruities attending acentric cosmology, sic passim pro diebus omnibus, if heliocentrism were able to have its cake and eat it too, and have many separable velocities and motions at once, for all the latitudes along the spherical curvature of the Earth, the math is still not right in the form but rather the reverse. For forward motion, as they would have it, it all turns illogical and backwards, against the principle moment of inertia.
Stepping back to look at the Earth from outer space, with Marvin the Martian or Martin Sheen, the Equator’s circumference is about 24,902 miles, and the radius about 3,963. Therefore, the 60th parallel North and all its neighborhoods comprise a circle of latitude about half that size around. Based on gear ratios, it has half the moment of inertia with half the cogs and terrestrial steps of the Equator. It should, therefore, in principle, turn twice as fast as the Equator to keep up for a day, even along the meridians. Littler wheels have to turn faster than bigger ones to keep up, and if a high wheel bicycle with a clown goes rolling by, the big wheel on his bike turns slower than the littler one in comparison.
As a high wheel bicycle goes one speed per time, a big wheel twice the size of a little one turns with half the radial velocity for any linear speed of the bike. The bigger one has a greater moment of inertia and radius and turns slower than the littler wheel.
When Peggy an ice skater is spinning in circles, she spins faster with her arms pulled in, because the moment of inertia in the circle is reduced. If she held her arms out, she would not spin so fast, and would have increased the moment of inertia by increasing the radius and extension of weight. 
For all the numbers in units and fractions, the math is the math, and the ratios are always simple and consistent: a big wheel with four times the size of a little wheel will turn with one quarter the radial velocity of the littler wheel, and so on.
Since heliocentrism wants to have separable speeds for motion in latitudes, see how crazy it is. If two parallels like the 60th and the Equator could be of divided origins of motion, as they were turning and burning forward in space, they would have to spin at ratios exactly the opposite from what heliocentrism has for them today. The circumference at the Equator is much greater, having twice the radius and twice the moment of inertia as the 60thparallel. The different speeds quoted today for these two circles of the Earth, therefore, should be the reverse of how they are now, if they did have separate velocities around.
With the Equator as the big wheel, and the 60th parallel as the little one, then when put forward in motion, the heliocentric math there is backwards. Everywhere in physics the gear ratios of Copernicus and NASA are off. In terms of radial velocities converted into linear ones, for any true forward motion in space, in separable parts, Quito, for example, should be spinning slower and half the speed of Helsinki, Finland, not 519 mph faster.
Continuing with heliocentric incongruities, by converting radial to linear velocity, the 75th parallel at the Arctic Circle, running through Norway, should be going four times as fast as any equatorial towns -- to hit the same track at the same speed in outer space -- but instead it is supposedly going 769 mph slower.
Theorizing that the Earth orbits the sun, with no proof other than the progress of day and night, and then figuring first from time to the exclusion of space, for their crazy numbers, they have encountered accidentally a few persistent and inevitable problems. And is it not rather ridiculous more than scientific, in fact, for heliocentrism to pretend that it represents any sort of rational cosmology?
Everyone knows without difficulty that a flamingo stands on one leg, because if he lifted that leg, lifted it off the ground, he would fall down; and it is as correct that there is a universal 24 hour day around the earth; yet it is incorrect and rather off to say that the Earth spins at many different velocities along its latitudes to account for it. Incorrect to say that the Earth can move several different rates at once, or be in more than one place for a moment, or that there can be more than one Earth with the same haecceitas, and that the Earth is not unique. 
“Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor Earth two masters”, and one for one the circle of a sphere has only one center, from which it is spun by the web of radians. The Earth does not have two or more different authentic codes of time and space that are real and to the point simultaneously. As one chess grand master said about it, and the game, "simple is better than complex. If something is too complicated, it does not mean that it is very clear. Quite the contrary, most probably it is something completely wrong."
As much as impossibilities have no balance, for random complications heliocentrism is inhumanly complicated, as things can be when facts are reversed and the world turned upside down. Yet, however boiled down in the pieces, however many times to flip the board, it and geocentrism are not equally transferable. The winner and loser are not the same, and it is not a draw or stalemate. The most complicated positions in chess from a computer are better to simplify, and the math for such two important differences in the world are never the same. With the Earth going around the Sun, even the computer would lose because of the program contained. As much as the facts, the queen is overloaded, the bishop hanging en prise, and the pawns are lost.
Like Hawaii and Kenya, these two are not the same difference. They do not both make sense and say fundamentally contradictory things at the same time about the same world. Heliocentrism is the wrong code all over, because even if the terrestrial sphere were orbiting the sun at 66,600 mph, which is 29.8 km/per second, which it most certainly is not, it could not be moving in space around the sun, and with the solar system, with many separable and simultaneous motions without coming totally unstrung.
When the fool comes down to Earth, the uniformity of motion in an integrally sound sphere is evident again in the wheels of any high wheel bicycle and bicycle shop. With total mag wheel surfaces instead of spokes, paint the smaller wheel blue, which would be ¼ the size of the larger wheel, and with one white radius line. Paint blue the same 1/4 area of the larger wheel, and the remaining ¾ of the larger wheel red, with one white radius line through the blue and red. Line the two white radii up horizontally to the ground. When they begin to roll, the bigger wheel has by 4 a proportionally greater moment of inertia and longer radius, and it will turn proportionally slower than the littler wheel, as the bike goes down the hill or across the road.
Watching as the bicycle goes by, the little blue wheel turns 4 times as fast as the bigger wheel. Although the blue areas in the two wheels are the same radius, the blue area within the larger wheel turns slower and with the same speed as the rest of the bigger wheel. Obviously this is because the areas within either wheel move conformably within their radius domain and respective origins of motion.
In the case of the two wheels of a high wheel bike, there are three origins of motion: two immediate, one remote, and three species of velocity. The remote origin of motion is from pedals, chain, and rider --the proximate cause. The two immediate ones to the road are the two wheels themselves that necessarily turn at different rates from their forks. The two wheels have different velocities of rpm, one distinct rate at a time for each one, and two different moments of inertia, as the bike itself has one linear velocity per time, as it goes along ... into the traffic in front of the Judeo-Masonic Compound of the UN or wherever.
By nature the area within the wheels in motion must have only one speed forward at a time, being also in one place at a time, going one direction at a time. For as the whole combination goes together, it cannot be any other way.
If another high-wheeler like the first rolls by, with a chessboard pattern in the middle of the wheels, each chessboard will turn one uniform speed at a time, with motion conformable to the whole. From square to square, files and rows, from a1 to h8, and h1 to a8, with the same proportion of 1 to 4 between them as before, from big wheel to little wheel, there it goes.
The smaller wheel separated from the bigger must have greater angular velocity for the same linear speed; and the entire bike itself, as a whole, considered as a rational piece of science, is only one vehicle in motion and must have one linear velocity, place, and direction at a time. As "that which is universal among men carries the weight of truth"-6, the high wheeler cannot go two different speeds at the same time, not even for Captain Kirk or Rosco P. Coltrane.
Everybody in summons or bench warrant can notice the simple details; but nobody has ever been able to recognize that the Earth spins, with separable latitudes, de motu quoque, big wheels or little wheels in an instance of spinning and spinning, round and round. People sense it as well as the weather and the atmosphere, like intuition and nous (νοῦς); and like weather and atmosphere, such a natural fact of awareness can even seep into the bones, having an affect with some certainty of cognition.
With correct terms of ontology and logic in order, even today, in fact, unless there is an earthquake, a rockslide, volcanic eruption or avalanche, or a terrible earth-shattering storm, the Earth is quiet and has an attractive stillness about it all day. Simple and honest people everywhere witness the great composure and terrestrial solemnity, and nobody notices it turning or wobbling on its axis. 
Tasting notes may roam far and wide, easily satisfied with the best, and with a true view all the data harmonize, where the better form of knowledge is that which also becomes a part of the knowing knower. The Greek word for it from the old desert solitudes is hésuchia, ἡσυχία, which means stillnes, and with lucidity and peace. 
Section III


-- Quod est ante pedes specta ubi coeli scrutantur


(The legend from Plato was that Thales of Miletus accidentally fell down a well while looking up at the stars. The rescuer told him he should keep his mind on the earth as much as the stars.) --


Nevertheless, "modern life is chaos, not Cosmos. As such it lacks a center, is meaningless, aimless"(1), and if it makes some people happy, for them it may not be that bad; but not even satellites or the International Space Station, or golfers with the best second sight, as the Scottish call intuition, have been able to detect any motion of the Earth. The detectable undetectable unaccelerated motion of the Earth is simply amazing, when nobody can tell when everybody can; as much as with a false view to guide such things, the facts soon clash.

"... no one has ever proved the Earth to be in motion and hence there remains the possibility that this (supposed) phenomenon of our moving through space, which Einstein (and the official scientific community) considered 'already proven', after all does not even exist ..."-2

For such motion to remain so subtle, if also natural of the occurrence, it would have to be more than constant. One of the qualities to notice in the scheme of things is what is constant, of course, and to go as undetected as immediately and always unrecognizable, of the Earth itself, it would have to be incredible, even preternatural, more than simply constant, that nobody and no scientific test could ever once uncover it. Except for the tiny little magic people dancing in the grass, the Earthiness clearly is not so diminutive or distant as that. Even if considered the most subtle element in its property, it is still rather the most self-evident and massive, with obviously direct contact right under everybody's feet -- magnified to the greatest priority among all things that are on it. 


"Knowledge is nothing if the mind is not there", and it always is too near not to notice if it were flying. As Ptolemy outlined long before, if the Earth were orbiting the sun, even before the question of diminution, it would have a tremendous astronomical circuit to keep, and an overwhelming velocity greater than that of all the other motions taking place across it. Since it would have to be making so great a circuit in so short a time, the bodies which are not at rest on it would always appear to have motions much less and contrary to its own. And as things are on top of other things, all movement on Earth would be outstripped and left behind by the Earth’s greater weight and momentum.

All the animals and loose objects, therefore, like aspirin and butterflies, birds, leaves, bees, empty beer cans, and thistledown, would fail to go eastward without great difficulty, because the Earth would be spinning away from underneath them and so tremendously. Dandelion seed heads, pollen puffs, and cigarette butts sifting in the air -- arrows and squirrels, et cetera -- would forever be falling behind the Earth’s overwhelming flight into the Eastern sky. A general crisis would ensue after the exhausting twists of so much torque and so many days and turns of heliocentric madness. All would tend to fall back to the West. Even the buildings and trees would become worn out from it, falling back due to the erosive effects of occidental dilapidation. What is left of the Roman Colosseum, for example, in 157 feet of four levels, after almost 2,000 years would be long gone for sure and certain.

"Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant", they used to say before the last procrastinations, and "semper in obscuris quod minimum est seqimur". In difficult cases always take the least consequential course.

So for fairness' sake, let such an elementary matter also be in the people's feet, the common sense experience and touch in the circles from the ground up and around everybody everywhere. Quod est ante pedos specta ubi coeli scrutantur.-3 It makes sense to look at what is in front of you too, directly of course, when studying the heavenly firmament and the end of Pi.

The ancient legend was that Thales had fallen precipitously into a deep well while walking along studying the stars. The rescuer asked, "should one have knowledge by heavenly things above, yet not know what is near here on the ground?"As accidents follow in the redundancy of some natural force and are mostly the result of the combined action of nature, desire, and freewill, everyone should be practical about business, since with impartial foot the truth knocks at the door of the poor man’s cottage and at the prince’s gate. Aequo pulsat pede veritatis pauperam tabernas regemque turris.-4


So "let us go then, you and I, 
When the evening is spread out against the sky 
Like a patient etherized upon a table; 
Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets, 
The muttering retreats ...

And sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells ...

Time for you and time for me,
And time yet for a hundred indecisions,
And for a hundred visions and revisions,

And the afternoon, the evening, sleeps so peacefully!

Would it have been worth while,
To have squeezed the universe into a ball
To roll it towards some overwhelming question,
To say: 'I am Lazarus, come from the dead,
Come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all'— "



With a general peace the world was blest, quiet and quite still again then all quite quiet apparently, and if people can notice when they have fallen into a well or a ditch, and the leverage and momentum of mechanical advantage in merry-go-rounds and Ferris wheels, how could they not notice if the Earth were rolling along like a bowling ball through space, and at such massive speeds? It is not wise to let for want of repair a real house fall down to build a castle in the air-5, and any scene that could not get more quiet with less noise can fit the Earth. Think of anything that could not be more silent, perfect silence keeping still listening for the least sound, "the whole Earth is quiet and still, it is glad and hath rejoiced", et cetera. Conquievit et siluit omnis terra, gavisa est, et exultavit.-6


The figure against the sky and so many infinitesimal vegetable causes. So low in the grass an individual sound from these that even in a combination of hundreds only the slightest buzz would emerge. From the myriads of silence, "inter sylvas Academi quaerere verum", amid the woods of the Academy to seek the truth, and to get fresh air, ut nova coeli, just to work it out for what the actuality is. If in contemplation, just through observation and thinking about it, the solution has a stillness to be appreciated and looked at long enough. Indeed it is again and again that there it is, the simple experience, even if something forces itself upon the attention, and the aspects also should support the right answer with confidence. People on golf courses have gathered as much. In golf they say it is an easy game because the ball is not moving, and they mean the ball is not moving when time to hit and neither is the Earth. It would be insane if it were otherwise. They all have to be quiet when a fellow gets ready to hit to play his shot; and it always seems like the Earth is already completely quiet before them. Think of anything that could not get more quiet and also always be the first. 


Veritas de terra orta est. Truth is sprung out of the earth-7. If a golfer lost a tee shot to the woods, he cannot claim a free drop, without penalty, because the earth rotated from underneath the line of flight or caused disturbance during his swing. "Hey, don't miss" it yelled at him from the road ... some surface area of hill and wood, and then it moved. If that would be the decision, because he was hitting along a difficult line of longitude, north or south, no one else would agree. If that was how he kept score, others would say he was cheating, as much as when he plays by himself, because obviously the earth is not moving. After all, "by nature everything is just as it is," esse quam videri. To be what is seen talis qualis, to be rather than merely to seem so, or what you see is what you get, they say is a motto too in North Carolina and the University of Tampa, et cetera


There may be spells and incantations to cajole the fates, to mitigate disaster or the strange pursuits of bad luck, yet on the soul hangs all the fault since it cannot escape itself. The good book says of the golfer who keeps a perfectly honest score even over holes played alone, "et siluit terra in conspectu eius", all the earth was quiet before him. That things should be such a way or rather not when all signs indicate that they are, may or may not come as a surprise, yet with virtue and honesty not so many are blessed as wish to seem so. "Virtute enim ipsa non tam multi praediti esse quam videri volunt". -8

Nevertheless, let no wise phlegm be too troublesome, or a fancy ashtray be lost, as they say silence is golden, even like bronze, and a great talent like peaceful goodness and cold beer. Three advantages to enjoy all at once in serotinal triangulation: "silentium est aureum quam pax et bonum". But how does a marketer of relativity and the heliocentric world-theory of spin-city buy it? There is all the noise and flare and weird spaceship money involved in the modernist science, a racket that keeps going around, in forecast predictions and interpretation of results, yet some people are not so dumb when they notice the total stillness and silence of the woods or any forgotten places.

Nobody ever notices the Earth making a motion or a sound, as undoubtedly it would, at least as much as a lizard under the t-shirt, if it were orbiting the sun. Instead people can almost hear a pin drop anywhere things get really quiet.


George Berkeley the 18th century philosopher had a motto for his books and a way to go about things with atmosphere. “Esse est percipi vel percipere,” he would say, as he thought that being and to be is either perceived or perceiving. The ontological calculation, to be perceived as much as natural perception, or perceiving it to him was what it meant for there to be cultivated atmosphere and sense, since "nothing we use or hear or touch can be expressed in words that equal what is given by the senses".-9 The state and the act are almost the same in this question yet to prove the identity the state is a little more, since there is always at least a little more ultimate ontology in reserve. Acts do not exhaust the principle, so that the state of perception or sense is as great as any act, since it follows the principle. Since acts are frequencies, as frequent or not, and frequencies follow, the state of understanding is more where the senses gather round that singular question, what is life, what is good, and then comes the advertising too, in the modern era, where "advertising is the greatest art form of the century." 

"Image is everything" Andre Agassi used to say on the commercial TV, and if the Earth were really rotating to orbit the sun, spinning and spinning, flying through space, why is it then that it is never perceived? How can that be an honest commercial for science or image processing when no one ever senses it at all?

Human nature cannot know the mystery of an art without experience, and under stress of feeling our faculties can be made incalculably keen, where perception is always expressed as a factor of existence and experience. One who knows perceives what he knows and knowledge is perception as well as proof.-10 "Knowledge is ultimate", and in divinis to know and to be would even coincide.-11
For survivors of hazardous days, so pieced apart, therefore, accurate perception can be like gold, an elevation, and "gold does not really change its value. An ounce of gold is an ounce of gold. It was an ounce of gold 5,000 years ago. It will be an ounce of gold 1,000 years from now ... a constant and long standing store of value," et cetera.-12 Whether the price of gold is going up or down, what is fluctuating is the current price, not gold itself. As good a soldier as any in the lists for any unsuspected gaps, such a thing as that should be for you. Almost a transcendental, therefore, call 1-800 and buy now to secure your future. 
Sometimes they say there is money in those phones, the boiler rooms,  and "Hello, is that you?" averred Governor Agricola from the phone rooms of ancient history ... the pyramids, and Las Vegas cable TV. “Perceptio aurum”, of course, perception is gold, especially in the wilderness of modern life. Valde aurum reddit acutissimum.
To get it right, to have the correct perception as good as gold, the secret is in the performance not only the contract for those who would yet live or die by their wits. with so many horrendous lies and abuses from the Judeo-Masonic NWO, a worldwide conspiracy on the loose, to discover the best way in such overburdening tasks, where many of them, modern people and animal friends today, would fall through the cracks in the floor, is as close as they may get to a saving light. In the wilds or in the city hazards are many, and creatures live and die by what they perceive and do. It is mankind, however, endowed with reason and language who constantly looks before and after on the path of life and its possibilities, and so achieves a course of life which is intellectual, and therefore connected in recollection as a whole. The most acute perceptions can sense many things, enough to save a life from misadventure on occasion, but never that the Earth is wheeling around in space, making gigantic and astronomical numbers in time, like bats out of Hell, or hidden NASA caves and weird Area 51 secrets in Nevada. 
Besides the powers that be of communist China and the “Federal” Reserve Bank, for example, and Wall Street, to confuse and play the circle of havoc in such knowledge, et cetera, any other entity would better prepare its own position too: would that it could, perceptio aurum -- vel numquam aliud natura, aliud sapientiae dixit. Perception is gold and never has nature said one thing, wisdom another. Pontus Maximus the warehouse manager from Trucca Lucca observed that "when the little grey mouse has stolen the right amount of cheese, it was never too much".
As much as the eyes have an apple, the power of sight is used to survive, even in the Cistercian Air Force, and vision is the best way to develop awareness. "The keenest of all our senses is the sense of sight".-13 An accurate perception is a key to things and all things cannot be false. Isidore of Seville, for example, thought letters of the alphabet were signs of things and mysterious figures, and were so powerful because "without a voice they speak to us the words of the absent; for they introduce words by the eye, not by the ear ... sine voce loquantur nobis dicta absentium; enim introducunt verba per oculos non per aures".-14
As they may read or live, or figure astronomy, folks must look ahead too, to see what is in front, and from side to side to see what is around. Above and below too, that way they get the meaning, and unless they have eyes in the back of their head, they will turn around to see what is behind, before a sneaking shadow or terrible big cat should catch them unawares. Folks need to recognize what is moving one way or the other and what is not. With the greatest value of life itself placed before them, between so many things through all the ages of mankind, with whatever proper and total adherence of vision, no people or church choir has yet witnessed the earth spin, not even for magic tricks.
As it would be life science and worthwhile comprehension, to capture facts and survive and to continue as a species, if a sublunar golf course and a small local airport lost their radial Earth-flight velocity in gradual steps of 40 mph, for instance, at what point could people start to tell what was going on? When would somebody pick up the phone and call NASA?
For a case in point, also to consider the sequence distribution of position, in abstraction or nature, since any point is a unit having position, Augusta National, located at 33”30’ N, with an estimated 865 mph daily spin, could lose all of its angular velocity in a day like that. If it only lost 36 mph to an hour, at 36 x 24 = 864, the town of Augusta, Georgia would have only 1 mph left of spin to spare at the end of the day.
On such a day, over a 4 ½ hour round of golf, a foursome out on the course, in the pines, the bushes, and the water, could lose 144 mph of total terrestrial momentum, with which they had started from rotation for their latitude, and nobody would notice for any of the lost golf balls or bad luck? If they came back later the next day, the golf course and the local airport would not be moving. It would be like “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, unless they were skidding through space at 66,600 or so mph, and the 6 other cosmic speeds, without the convenience of rotation counted in, that they had lost, and what would that seem like?
As Aristotle noted in a text of prevision, it would be another case of déjà vu, no doubt, since that which is at rest cannot be coming to rest but must already presently be so. As that which is coming to a stand, when it is coming to a stand, must be in motion, since if it is not in motion it must be at rest, that which is already perfectly still cannot be coming to rest or becoming other than it is. Wherefore, it becomes quite plain that the Earth is not moving, just as it seems, and that time is not needed so much for it as for the habitation. 
Presumably they could not notice any of the strange tension and crashing through space of the Earth then, without the spinning around the sides, any more than they could not notice any of it before, with all the counter-clockwise roll. One could guess that it would seem just like it always had before, before the day the earth stood still and the occasional development in which they lost the spin, since it never seemed like the Earth was really moving or rotating at all in the first place. As Hendrik Lorentz confessed, after the Michelson-Morley experiments of 1887, the year that Willie Park Jr. won the British Open at Prestwick: "Briefly, everything occurs as if the earth were at rest."-15
On the other hand, if the Earth did not lose its spin and some perceptive people went to the Shaughnessy Heights Golf Club in Vancouver British Columbia at 49”13’27 N, therefore with 677.6469766684105 mph daily radial velocity, and then to El Condado Golf and Tennis Club in Quito, at the Equator, therefore with 1038 mph daily radial velocity, would they not notice any of the astronomical differences in the playing conditions on the surface between these courses, as in the way the other things turn?
If Quito abruptly lost half its motor in the turnings, for a sudden 519 mph drop, and changed to the tune of the 60th parallel and Helsinki, Finland, would nobody notice? The strangest days that it could be either way.
Either way, outcome determinative if it were, if they went to Tromso Golf Park at Breivikeidet near Tromso, Norway, at latitude 69”39’30 N, therefore, with 360.6822404339137 mph daily radial velocity, in the land of the midnight sun, and then to the Billy Joss Golf Club in Ulukhaktok, in Canada’s Northwest Territories, amid tundra off the Amundsen Gulf in the Beaufort Sea, at latitude 70”44’11 N, therefore with 342.314214650617 mph daily radial velocity, would they not begin to notice the different ways the Earth was supposedly off the tee and burning it up  in different places?
Eighteen or so miles per hour in difference may not be that bad, for such inane diffusion, between one track in Canada and another in Norway, yet if not so bad but tolerable, how could the portability of the grounds not be part of the way the game was being played? Would they be stoned, if they could not tell what was going on? Only to rise for tee times regardless of conditions and vanish like an oblivious host, vagrant "shadows of life whose very soul is lost?" -16 So let it lie with clouds and arcane atmospherics, with dulled petty glances -- the lost golf ball and the grass below; scorecard and pencil, and tilted cart, under the vaulted sky.
What a story of moments and rarity any day can bring,
O the friendly verdure and sweet memory of younger years,
Time passages on which the soul makes its journey 
... and who would not be able to play his next shot for commotion of fairway, bunker, or green, because the Earth was moving too fast rather than any penetrating calmness in the air to try the nerves? Patrick Henry said, "I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience"; and the wise, humane, and philosophic statesman, as much as the casual golfer, must deal with facts as he finds them. What use learning them if not to understand as well?

So why do tourists leave for lands warmed by a foreign sun? As though any fugitive from his own town could flee from himself. Quid terras alio calentes sole mutamus? Patria quis exul se quoque fugit?-17 
And "Socrates was told that some man had not been improved by travel. 'I am sure he was not', he said. 'He went with himself!' "-18
Therefore, "let each man choose the road he should take," unusquisque sua noverit ire via, "but if you do not first lighten yourself, lighten yourself up, and your soul of the weight of your burdens, moving about will only increase their pressure upon you".-19

Robert the Bruce lived in a cave where he talked to a spider, where he felt perhaps some of the pains of contradiction that touch to the quick, where the soul reacts powerfully upon itself, yet it may be that the cave that is feared to enter holds the treasue you seek. The human experience is quite enough something used and traded for substance, and quoted, even if darkly, in summaries. It is written in the book that parallels of the circle and the consolations of philosophy are reflections and shadows of the mind that come again. A cavernous silhouette overshadows the tongue and the lip and the words used and their things, where the connections in reference and their meanings are hidden in the forms and logic and emblems of something secreted away in the universe, et cetera. 


If it were any good to embark upon a definite plan, with a definite object, as upon the sea, if all the facts or at least enough of them for a few years were brought together. O, how can it be? For instance, a presentation of numbers and facts may make an impression but in the course of time they are forgotten. Yet there it is, an ordeal of repurification, a hall of white papers and sentiments, a table of fire or an altar perhaps and always a calmness to awe vain fascination. As soul to eyes, and eyes to soul, remember the eyes of Lyncaeus, which were said to see through the earth, and that we are like symbols and inhabit symbols of something deeper.-20

Si homines Lynceis oculis haberent, ut quaeque obstantia penetrarent, ita verum viderentur. If humans could use the eyes of Lynceus, so that their sight might penetrate obstructions, then they would see reality. -21

What else is the world than a figure and life itself but a symbol, and the symbols and habitations of heliocentrism are unhinged, thoroughly confused, unpieced and divorced from reality. Geocentrism, on the other hand, "turns the world to glass and shows us all things in their right series and procession", and "through that better perception, [it] stands one step nearer to things" as they are.-22

If a relief for those who would prefer some pleasant scope of reality, there is no testable basis in science or way of keeping score in games and things for Newton's theory of universal gravitation by the inverse squared or Einstein's theory of relativity. It may be too much to believe, that great container ships are not only the thing but the number, and not only the number but the thing, to have been so fooled; but as much as Scotland adds up like small mountains and sands of time by the North Sea, the entire game of golf is a world of direct validity and scientific evidence for geocentrism, and none at all for heliocentrsim. Whether there is still witchcraft that would turn a man into a newt, or cause a triple bogey or worse, everything the false frame of reference does as a game is a power of confusion, and demonstrates by contradiction that the Earth is not moving, except by most awful deception, and that it is not true that no one can tell.

On an ambitious trip to the 75th parallel of the Arctic Circle, with only shag bags, beer kegs, tobacco shop and cigarettes ... pulled pork, chicken, ribs, steaks, gourmet seafood and lobster, brand new shoes, vending machines, card tricks, a cash register and a Porsche or Subaru car dealership ... but not quite too much more, not as far as a last ditch golf course pro shop profit center in the wilderness, and not a radio show either, yet almost the world in a box, it would be a telling 769 mph difference from El Condado in Quito.
If there were no truth anyway, only perception, a looked-for delight may still possess such an immense charm, that when it cannot escape the grasp, so it must be and so it is; therefore, perception is a key to all things, and it is impossible that everything is false, since even lies and deception shadow the facts. What travellers might notice is that, in terms of Earth spins, everywhere they go it actually seems most like the North or South pole, and the equator under a Foucault pendulum, in terms of straight line tempo, because the North and South poles are at 90” N and 90” S, respectively, and, therefore, have a cosine value of (0), which indicates that they are not actually spinning at all.
The elves in the workshop have an apparent advantage ab locis in a 90” angle from the Equator, where they are evaluating a cosine value of (0). Since the poles, therefore, are situated in two places with a (0) mph spin, which is no action of rotation at all, of course, therefore, it would be as though the poles are held stationary in space. Unless (0) mph is in motion, they are not revolving -- and (0) mph is not in motion. To be practical, could anybody wait at the starting line of a Formula One race better than at (0) mph?
Not even Santa Claus from whatever elevation could wait and ventilate at the starting line of a Formula One race better than at 0 mph; and of all the Earth's rotational velocities, likewise, the subject is necessarily stuck between the two poles, North and South. Still one sphere with haecceitas, the Earth can only go one for one from the middle to the ends at a time, with a uniform motion conformable to the whole. As a simple body cannot move away from itself, and based upon experience of trigonometry, the Earth really must be revolving at (0) mph like the poles then, since that is what it always seems like and also what all scientific experiments have shown.
Tacitum sylvas inter reptare salubres, currantem quidquid dignum sapiente bonoque est. Walking in silence through the healthy woods, pondering questions worthy of the wise and good.-23
A wise old owl sat upon an oak
The more he heard the less he spoke
Now wasn't he a wise old bird
Strix varia sapit, enim qui pauca loquitur
When people believe heliocentrism, as having been instructed by ritual authority, xi nau as they say in Chinese, they imagine that its nature is undetectable and "unaccelerated" and, therefore, also an astronomical oxymoron that is practically “slow”. So slow, they figure, that the Earth is turning and moving so slowly in space that they do not notice it revolving from day to changing day.
As the old pendulum gyroscope huckster Foucault himself wrote in the “Journal de Debats”, on March 31, 1851, the “slowness” of the “movement of the Earth” … “requires us to turn to well-developed methods” for recognition of it.-24 But this is not reasonable in view of the magnitude of the cosmos. If the Earth were moving round and round to account for passing day and night, it could not be slowly. It would necessarily have to be at enormous astronomical rates through the seasons and years, incredibly fast and impossible, which obviously it is not.
Rather the Earth is continuously obvious, quite a situation massive and near, not scientifically remote, and whatever motion it may have could not remain so subtle or diminished as to be undetectable to all the people and scientists in common who are living on it. For the Earth to revolve, fly, tilt, wobble, and bowl around the Sun through the calendar, totally unnoticed, it would have to be with such an incredibly hidden and preternatural turn that it simply could not be something within the categories of natural phenomena anyway.

All the time much lesser events are easier to detect -- yet as blind as bats to the glory and blaze of day, heliocentrism carries on in its way, abacinated by woeful complications. Kepler's, Galileo's, and Newton's theories fail the simple continuity of natural science and the Romanian toothbrush test besides. If it could not move small incidental items or a cufflink from Bucharest to Bran castle, and it could not ever want to or have such design, how can it do so much more? Alwaysthemore, nevertheless, ignorant of the pyramid of comedy and the self-evident science of actual awareness, as well as the transfixed immobility of the earth, the captive unreason in it to things which by nature are most evident is simply stupefying.


According to theory, nobody can tell when the Earth rotates at 0 mph at the poles, except to say that apparently, wherever however it goes, the individual zero is unaccelerated too. From the unaccelerated zero nobody can tell when it spins 1038 or 1040 mph either, except to say that the day is 24 hours in Ecuador, as it is everywhere else. Nobody can tell when the surface tilts anywhere in between or wobbles a bit for the millenial equinox. Nobody can tell if it ever jolts or crashes, but people can recognize when things in much smaller scales are jolting or go crashing across a table or countertop.


Under the light of a full Moon, besides Saturn transits over Romania, if a vampire takes a bite out of a victim's throat, is it not to be noticed as that, and that much, for instance. And like something poetic, or rather on a sunny afternoon in September, a colorful hot air balloon takes off into the sky from an immaculate field; and the crowd sees the aircraft ascend and move away from the earth; and the passengers and pilot in the wicker basket see the same. Whether on the ground or in the air, all the little people involved in the occasion see the same momentary passage of time and the balloon ascending away from the earth. Moving away from each other, the balloon and the crowd, and growing smaller and smaller in each other’s sight, they witness that the field does not move, as the earth does not move, as the balloon sails up and away in any direction to some lofty altitude. And it is the same with all weather and spy satellites in low Earth orbit, and onward to the Moon and the Sun that both orbit the earth, from east to west every day.



Such knowledge forms a unity in likeness to experience, and so far as any instance could be a problem, the reckoning is applied to the totality of mankind, as the difficulty for all human understanding is the same. There is no way out of it for any party, and as well as synchronicity or fate, in the extensive probability of chances, the natural world marvels the mind with an impression for all the senses. Yet heliocentrism would rather make chaos of the simplicity and wonderful order of the days. The amazing morphology of the elements in the seasons interlineates a beautiful vision that works all year, per singulos dies, and up to a few millenia at least, that would be cast away into an abyss of confusion and blindness.


If people tend to notice sleek and continuous things, like the fluent, the rich, the plush, and the passing of time, they would tend to notice if the Earth were moving. Hidden subtleties in logic of grammatical genitives of association, as "the advantages of peace", "commoda pacis", for example, and other things in tautology too, that are in a way of this way or of that, and then nice weather prove they would tend to notice if the Earth were moving, even if it were with a perfectly constant speed, if it were possible.


However, they say one does not notice the rotations of the Earth because gravity and inertia are ever-constant, so refined. But obviously, the spinning world is not constant but rather changes, from latitude to latitude, even by degrees of circumstance and the minutes and seconds of arc, where the conditional orbit turns out very diverse, with so many contradictions of place, and which would be very confused, acentric, and impossible.


Heliocentrism though, to be so successful, would escape the senses and all objective scientific observations, if it could; but it cannot escape mathematics and logic, even for the present frequency of astronomy. A simple body that is as unique as the one and only one that it is cannot be going many different speeds at the same time without coming apart.

Aside from that, "the Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media anyway", as Howard T. Duffy said, and it must be a conspiracy, since it reaches a point of absurdity, where scientists today would say the Earth orbits the Sun at an estimated rate of 66,600 mph, or 29.80 km/s, and the galactic core with the Sun and the solar system at anywhere from 492,130 to 446,000 mph; and also supposedly flies towards the constellation Hercules and the star Lambda Herculis at 43,200 mph, and upwards at about 90 degrees to the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy at 15,624 mph; and would have the Earth proceed 827,670 mph with respect to the cosmic microwave background radiation, the CMB, and orbit with the Milky Way Galaxy a more distant localized group of galaxies, away off in the distance, at an estimated rate anywhere from 1,230,330 to 1,339,200 mph, and then breeze along at 2,184,000 mph with the Hubble flow around the "Great Attractor".

A generalized feeling of aetherized confusion could set in, like J. Alfred Prufrock aetherized upon a table: a periodic table of psychosis perhaps. And the sun no less, no less than it is, and all the mischief of an insect in comparsion, in a bottle beneath the detectable undetecatble unaccelerated motion of the earth among the stars.

... and would the out-of-touch numbers of Copernicus, Gilbert, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and Judeo-Masonic controlled NASA not seem exaggerated at a minimum perhaps or at least crazy, ex certe scientia et in plenitude?


Like a bad joke of déjà vu, or some bookkeeping sleight of hand, more than once it becomes as many as the headache: the pain in the neck, the truth at the bottom of the well, and who has not noticed before that science cannot notice the relationship? That it is all the same, whatever indifference the oblivious crown where ants stagger in sunlight. For there is no way to see this sign stuck beween so many things, and how did the cosmic mouse of such astronomical numbers get so small that he always scurries away to disappear into corners, where the earth is never moving?


Ubi deest hoc orbis, where this circle ends, vere non compos mentis sunt. "What need is there to weep over parts of life, when the whole of it calls for tears," and none of heliocentrism is even remotely possible without the Earth coming apart like a murder of crows in the "Omen".

A cursed and diabolical theory in flight, every which direction in the classic sense of the word, "diabolism", as διαβολικός in the Greek, which means “to throw across, to break apart”: and like the imperial basilisk, it kills the eye with unapparent wounds. With the acentric cosmology of heliocentrism, it is not just detached amusement. There is poison and things are thrown far across and broken apart, like an image of chaos from Yeats’ poem “The Second Coming”, where the center cannot hold:


Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The [heliocentric] tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.


There is always an aspect always a collection, and everywhere another, and to every aspect a spirit and a circle. Yet at times how little an instance is needed for one to be lost or perhaps to be saved. Still as things are, all material objects have a center, as much as all probabilities have their mean, median, and mode: and the universe for one contains them all. In context then overall, therefore, the universe has a center too, as much as common sense remains a primary form of proof in science, with any priority like logic, even where heliocentrism lacks it, for powerful and reasonable evidence for geocentrism is all around. 


In all ages there should be at least the exchange of trifles; and everything, even the strange and changeful, resources type and measure; and the measure in recurrent frequency of the days is against heliocentrism, as much as they are not chaos in the air. For the world should be tottering now and without doubt tumble into the abyss, farewell, if the fumdiddle math and false and absurd theories of heliocentrism were in occurrence. Yet the shadows of any eclipse at once disprove heliocentric theories of gravity and inertial relativity, as none of them are subject to gravity or inertia, and they all fall to the East. They all move slowly to the East, and the Earth never spins away from underneath them.