what are you saying? how you spell?

Two tens for a five.

Quantum Credo


abacus! abacus!
a number. i am a number too!
and which one are you?

i resemble the license plate of a car
that has driven very far: 
one way there, another way back
for many ways around and the
circles all between.

from coast to coast, and back again,
whippy hoo, then some more, here and there.
lucky for a house, around the corner a little house. 

a number too, and so the address on its street.
i'm not the address, or the house
but do i know you, more than 2 and 2? 
there are three windows, a garden, and a door.
two chimneys and two floors.

there are at least seven windows more, if one counts so far. 
that makes nine and one, and 
two from seven is five. 5 senses and 9 is fourteen.
two years too young to drive, and two from twelve like four from fourteen.

we have North and South and East and West that make four, 
but all cardinal directions are 
four more. they are eight.
eight watches of the castle clock. turris fortis mihi Deus.
i am very simple and mild; i am very gentle and even.
and there is a tree, see, and for a number it could be ...

heavy leaves, old branches, old knots, 
that rustle and bend a little with the breeze, as the sun shines
but not because "of gravity".

could seem like infinity, somewhere in a circle, and for a creed 
yes, i would be for a creed!
a creed, a house, and a road am i.
a numeric house, with a very little government, egomet. 
my own, with a VIN: 
a vehicle identification number that goes on and on,

like snakes and feathers. 
the road a process, a long journey 
that goes on and on.

it goes 1, 2, 3: A , B, C per singulos dies
therefore, i believe with evidence in infinity, that it exists, because numbers 
would not exist unless there was an end or purpose.
quantity, after all, is part of logic. it must be formal. 
what must be must be.

the number 1, for instance, makes clear that there is only one
infinity, because infinity can only be counted once, of course.
to count infinity once, forever is enough.

to count it all, an accountant does not count infinity many times,
any more than he would add or multiply his way into it,
which cannot be done. no-no-no: three no's in one. 
#1 also indicates there are a great many 
numbers to follow less than infinity,
and there is not enough time to count them all.

even with time, the next one always gets ahead, one more
and who would have enough time to count all the numbers?
who would try to do it? 

there are as many ones in all of them, as there are as many ... numbers.
as many doors: as places and windows too, 
where doors, there are windows, and everthing may have a number.
with so many, one may wonder, are there as many places as windows and numbers, and how many doors and bells could that be?

so infinity, which counted once, cannot be counted by all
any more than as many numbers that being counted, one by one,
could possibly lead up to it. 

it is evident by many cars, and so many numbered plates that exist,
that go beyond in columns and rows, as they would go on forever,
like quasi infinity, that actual infinity is something more
which even if counted once, 
with good luck for traffic, is beyond 
any fantastic numerations other than once anon of one.