so it goes ad infinitum

"Geometry enlightens the intellect and sets one's mind right. All of its proofs are very clear and orderly. It is hardly possible for errors to enter into geometrical reasoning, because it is well arranged and orderly. Thus, the mind that constantly applies itself to geometry is not likely to fall into error. In this convenient way, the person who knows geometry acquires intelligence."

Ibn Khaldun

3-D in eight parts (do re mi fa sol la ti do)
Hooray for Hollywood and sunny windows at high school. She could sing like diamonds, la dee da, but said out loud, "que sera, sera."
"Talk to the hand" she said like a movie star, "I've been noticing gravity since I was very young. Does it matter? Humankind cannot bear very much reality anyway."
All of solid fire, gems and gold, not too poor for common sense, she would number every nerve as a miser counts his gold. Yet the tsavorite eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. So it goes, tout de même, and that way, even if the talent would not know it, an acting career could be over, when the phone does not ring as much as once upon a time.
Knowing the problem is the first step in evading it. The world of counsel and affiliation is also for an efficiency, even for appearances, as efficiency works through matters, where the forms lead to the ends. 
Sometimes, and eventually, therefore, one must learn to live one's own destiny rather than struggling along a path not truly home. Philosophers may remember that Montaigne said "my life has been filled with terrible misfortune, most of which never happended", and some less thoughtful say "why worry"?
Like the ancient salamander, everything that burns is not consumed. California television theme show music may come wafting in the air, in the spaces where endless masquerading and misery, in any case, can become a mystery.
"A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it,"-1 and so it goes that for the full round animation of fate and real estate, thoughts that drift away, strange stories and spies, bamboo rafts, rapids, steamboats, the movies, spooks, skeletons, costume parties, illusions, memories, apparitions, inner locutions, scandals, yearbooks, waterfalls, champagne, smoke, wikileaks, asphodeline lutea (the King's spear in the fields) and asphodelus albus, and the Asphodel Meadows of forgotten classics, and everything about Halloween and ghosts, for instance, are in need of only three dimensions.
Three dimensions are enough for everything, for all roads and visitations, even among the living. Try it at the ocean, in the wind, at the waves, for all vectors, tensors, and vortices, and all of entertainment, and for calling up hosts of the dead out of their graves at the end of the world.
"Finis mundi et felium mysterium, et cetera" was a graffito in an old Irish bar in Lagunitas. Like smiles in the dust, scrawled in the wall, sometimes some others may have read it. The end of the world and the mystery of cats. Where do they come from and where do they go, to see in the dark and always land on their feet?
If difficult to obtain the friendship of a cat, some would say it is because it is a philosophical animal that does not place its affections thoughtlessly. As that may be, as much as deep thoughts and currents of air, the fitness of names and the sounds and words that go with them fall within the meaning, sense, and logic of space; and things must have their own proper nature, their own permanent essence and sphere of relation, as much as this is this and that is that.
Even atomic theory is still full of figures, and every quantum charge has a shape, at least for direction, any leap, wave function, and tendency.
"Too weird to live, too rare to die!" she exclaimed in exasperation. If words were not enough, and the altered eye alters all and the desert silence all around. The center, radius, and curve account for everything. 
Every great player learns the two C's, concentration and composure -- and "the eye is the first circle; the horizon which it forms is the second; and throughout nature this primary figure is repeated without end."-2 Therefore, if infinity was a circle, it could be that for the property involved the center was everywhere, and the circumference as imposible to find.
Looking and looking, as if there were a way to get out, or a better elaboration,"the last thing one discovers in composing a work is what to put first"-3. Then there is the old story that never changes, and in the four causes and operations of mathematics (only four, any one either of increase or decrease) there are only three fundamental characteristics related together at work in quanta.
Deceptively simple if endlessly complicated, the mathematical procession and the math department proceed in signs of singularity, duality, and multiplicity; yet what may satisfy the soul may frustrate the intellect, and reward some and drive others insane. Therefore, duality and the way of the circle make three; the mystery of three provides all that would be needed for the many; and the duality of three is peculiarly six: et cum grano salis, 666, and the scaly toothsome dragon in the prow of the ship.
Lo, the wake, from the fall to the Infant of Prague, and the Bible and legend say that "many are called but few are chosen". So it is the case of many for as much as one that it is enough to settle logic as logic within the portrayal of space and time.
Then to look at a king in a line or a line of kings, "the weight of gold that Solomon collected yearly was 666 talents"-4. So it may be known fairly by government division, addition, subtraction, and multiplication, with the science of numbers in accounting and counting, that the throne of the old three to one and one to three is so adequate and plain, for all the elements and kingdoms in circles, that so it goes and must go ad infinitum.  
Ex abundatia cordis, os loquitur. Out of abundance from the heart, the mouth speaks, sometimes from boredom, sometimes from addiction; and "words are but the signs of ideas", where there everywhere as always by one, two, and three the phenomena must be calculated. 
For example, the nearly lost words of an obscure Vesuvian fragment of vellum in the Museum of Antiquities of Gyges of Mont-sur-Llydia, "batenim phenomena de rerum naturae ubique uni, duo, trinoque sunt et semper calculata ubi hoc". Likewise, Bucalino observed that the results of communication that surface among rich and poor, for this or that assessment, and value, and the gossip too, may sustain a market or a museum. 
The treasured peace of coffee or tea, sometimes B & B, therefore, experienced in discussions of contemplation, cloistered between heart and mind, liver and soul, "possesses so much objective reality [i.e. participates by representation in so many degrees of being and perfection] that it must be held to arise from a course absolutely perfect."-5 Plus there are still a few little comfortable things of the earth wiser than the wise and the money.
For example, the lizard as well as the spider may be found in palaces, and the locusts swarm in bands but have no king. The rabbit who eats carrots and never needs glasses may live happily in brier patches or rocks; and the ant takes food for himself in the harvest;-6 and they all have an agreement, by nature at least, "verum et factum convertentur", as much as truth and what is made are inerchangeable. 
However, in spite of the natural simplicity of numbers and geometry, Marxist overgrowth and theories of the historical process and physics have created a world of confusion in "n" dimensions. The situation today would amaze even Kepler, Galileo, and Newton. Along with discrediting the American Constitution, promoting the UN as the only hope for mankind, dominating the psychiatric profession, and promoting ugly art, the over-mathematisation of physics has been a creeping communist and "scientific" materialist goal for many years now, even an agenda; and heliocentrism has helped support that process, to the point that "ordinary mathematics is unable to satisfy the requirements of present day physics."-7
Yet with the over-mathematisation of physics, "hath no man a house of good stone, each block cut smooth and well fitting, that delight might cover their faces". With the over-mathematisation of physics, "hath no man a painted paradise on his church wall, harpes et luz or where virgin receiveth message and halo projects from incision. Rather the line grows thick with no clear demarcation: and no man can find site for his dwelling. The strange math blunteth the adze and rusteth the chisel. It rusteth the craft and the craftsman. It gnaweth the thread in the loom and blunteth the needle in the maid’s hand. Stonecutter is kept from stone, and azure hath a canker, while corpses are set to banquet"-8, for the strangeness of exaggerated numbers and arcana. Like old-time usury and Judeo-Masonic bombs let loose over monasteries and cathedrals, it is a practical form of social abuse.
In "1984", the phrase "2 + 2 = 5" was a favorite slogan of doublespeak, not so unlike relativity and the 4th dimension, that was used by the Party to establish its control over the people and their perception of reality. Orwell adapted the phrase from actual Soviet Union propaganda where Stalin wanted to describe the five year plan. The communists used to say they would accomplish production in four years that should take five. By controlling the perception of reality, the Party would be able to dominate the public completely; and the common memory of the past, and awareness of the present, and the future, would be twisted to serve only the Party's self-serving and anti-heroic ends. As O'Brien said to Winston, "there is a Party slogan dealing with the control of the past. Repeat it, if you please."

Winston answered, "who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."

Later O'Brien would say, "we, the Party, control all records, and we control all memories. Then we control the past, do we not"? And in so many cynical and painful words, concluding the interrogation with Winston, he would say that if the Party says that 2 and 2 are not 4, that is the way it always was, is, and shall be.-9

Yet as much as poor tortured Winston, with blasted eye sockets, standing outside a broken phone booth, with New World Order coins in his hand, everybody knows that 2 plus 2 is 4 -- and 4 does not equal 5. Whether awake or dreaming, "it remains true that two and three make five, and that a square has but four sides; nor does it seem possible that truths so apparent can ever fall under a suspicion of falsity or incertitude."-10 Four is four, not five, and math is only math, but the towering over-mathematisation of physics has been continually growing, and growing, as physics has become more and more dependent upon the bizarre fate of mathematics and heliocentrism.
Crazy physicists have created a special theoretical mathematics for themselves which bears no relation to reality. As one of them put it, a "gulf in mathematics exists between theory and practice in mathematics itself. While mathematical theory is extremely ramified and develops very rapidly and luxuriantly, mathematical practice ... scarecly moves forward at all ..."-11


Where Galileo in the 17th century theorized his erroneous law of falling bodies, with sophistries of the pendulum included, and that horizontal motion was independent of the vertical, and so forth, in the 20th century the gatekeepers of scientific materialism would keep up that there are 4th, 5th, and possibly "n" other dimensions in space of outer space. But like too many crummy "Notes From Underground", and complications for no good reason, the 4th dimension represents a social distortion of mathematics and logic. Since it simply has been too bourgeois and trinitarian for the Grand Masters of relativity and liberalism to accept that the cosmos is actually 3-D, and that is just how it is, they must try to find their escape.

But there is no escape, if the numbers do not lie that the straight line is the longest, and that the whole is less than the part, and that 2 and 2 make 5, or maybe 13 instead of 4, and that division by zero makes any sense. The next step waiting mathematicae is always one unit dimension mirrored in a process of three for one. It was the same way of simple unification in the 1951 movie "Follow the Sun" about golf legend Ben Hogan.


"The only thing a golfer needs is more daylight", he said; and he hit a great number of golf balls and spent a lot of time in analysis to figure it all out, and the simplicity involved, even if it only was the "secret in the dirt".

With less good sense of simplicity and physical intention, from his own half-baked work with parabolic curves, Galileo imagined that he had found some method to handicap and justify his game of Copernicanism, and his theory of universal gravity out on the course. Therefore, Galileo attempted to show as a law that the path a projectile follows should be a parabola, as a consequence of uniform acceleration due to gravity, rather than from the coincidence of the spherical nature of space and the Earth.

For the opinions and system of a "new science", that would have the Earth fly around the Sun, any golf ball's flight would become a strange world within another world. Completely in denial and contradiction of the classical theory of motion, it was teed up worlds away and worlds apart from reality. Since Galileo preferred to undermine the practical application of science, in impetus, momentum, virtue, assimilation, and common sense alike, his theory would help support the development of ridiculous conclusions, like the earth spins in space many speeds at once to orbit the sun because of "gravity".

Even if "all travel is circular"-12, Galileo's fummdiddle work with curves would somehow lead some fools to believe that a parabola of relativity could lead to the 4th dimension too, or even "n" dimensions in space, etc., as much as the center cannot hold where things fall apart. Possibly worse than the ghosts of Euclid and Descartes, trapped in a haunted torture chamber, as if the presence of the presence in logic was only for trouble, depression, and pain, people are still tempted to believe in it -- and that it (with such wonderful freedom) could be up around the corner, just where it does not make any sense, except backwards, and for the parade of devils and dupes of deception and Krampuslauf.





The human mind may wander in the seasons, like a little bird, flycatchers and pewees, from microcosm to macrocosm -- lovebirds, kestrels, and finches, the flutter near and far, winging across countries and counties. From sunshine or thunder to rain, depending on weather and the vapors, and perhaps Galileo Galilei under house arrest was not so far removed from Dostoevsky's angry man gone underground. If one would consent to ruin, the other aspire to doom, they were both fine malcontents of record, perhaps even a communion of thorns, if not two peas in a pod ... and pity the pod.  
“Every occupation has its repertoire of stock phrases", he said, one sourwit to the other, "but physics is becoming so unbelievably complex that it keeps taking longer and longer to train a physicist. It takes so long to train one to the place where he understands the confusion that by then he's already too old to solve it.” 
"Man, in fact, is a comical creature", the other answered. "Guilty as he was, Kostoyed from Dr. Zhivago was the only free man on the train. All the others were cattle, yet they could still argue about the theory of Zeus and Mt. Olympus in Siberia, and whether to trust the government.
For example, one piece of pie is delicious, but fourteen, now that's disguting."
Zeus often appears in the form of a bull, and simplicity never uses a lot where a little will do. "There seems to be a kind of comical jest in it all," he answered, rambling the narrative as though as lost and alienated in the cosmos as much as any crazy physicist who pretends that it makes any sense to say that the Earth revolves to orbit the Sun. He confessed the opinion that while repetition is inevitable, "mathematical certainty is, after all, something insufferable. Twice two makes four seems to me simply a piece of insolence. Twice two makes four is a pert coxcomb who stands with arms akimbo barring your path and spitting".
"With the ant-heap the respectable race of ants began and with the ant-heap they will probably end, which does the greatest credit to their good sense and perseverance. But man is a frivolous and incongruous creature ... who has always been afraid of ... mathematical certainty,"-13 but not for the entertainments of television, the Gong Show, the circus, and a smartphone.

"To have faith is to have wings"-14, where "fifty percent of something is better than one hundred percent of nothing"-15. Chuck Barris could have been fleet commander on Star Trek; and Captain Kirk, for his part, was a man of faith and action also. With some multiplicative identity and potential among the stars, he spoke of space as "the final frontier". And eventually, on starship expedition, he would say "beam me up, Scotty". He carried a special communicator that chirped for a ringtone, and it was almost a refrain the way he would say, "beam me up, beam me up, Scotty."

Another starry-eyed pilgrim from cable TV, the wandering featherless biped (the zo-on politikon, ζωον πολιτικον, the political animal described by Aristotle and Plato) would look for a place to rent and a career pathway to success on the west coast, if not somewhere to play tennis, where the grass is always greener next door to a young nubile Cheryl Ladd. Then also it must be for lawn sports as well, cricket and skateboards, hot dogs, condiments, and well kept sidewalks that we have cosmology of T.J. Hooker and the beach in Malibu, and many people on Facebook named "Jim", if not Pantagruel. Sometimes it all adds up for contentment or cantankerous misery, as much as a special court order for bizarre house arrest, in a studio apartment, and the predicables of a spaceship under the stars.

"Take heed, K., for the wise may be instructed by a fool"-16.

If the landlord says the rent is late, that he may have to litigate, the misanthrope’s corner of Galileo and Dostoevsky's underground man could come alive again, for spirits and spin, and a universal sign of broken bottles and protest at eviction. A spiral and spin from the Leaning Tower of Pisa casts its shadow over the Earth, and the anthropomorphismos, ανθρωπομορφισμός, the shadow and nuisance of the eponymous principle, is at war with himself. He discovers encrypted secrets of violence on the surface and the ground. Even from the cave or the courthouse, a sense of ambiguity mingles with conviction. The Dolla' Lama knows it too: si ea vult pacem, para bellum, if the country wants peace, prepare for war, and the receipt for 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles is maybe $832,000 each.

About 50 million dollars in early Spring of 2017. Is that such a fair price, one may ask, where "cunning beyond fancy's dream is the fertile skill which brings him, now to evil, now to good?"-17 Thoughts may speak louder than words but politics makes policy. The one with the advice may be held harmless with many, but not with others who are closer to the case. Wherefore, to be civil, set phasers on a strong stun and continue to wait for battlefront customer service and the credit score.

The liability and the danger had to be close. The court docket and arbitraments would come smoky with elevator music and a touch of xanax too, and Scotch, to tranquilize the mind. The obscure yet hypo-manic shut-in, waiting there with a TV remote control and a carton of cigarettes, estranged under the canopy of stars, would be startled by himself in the shadows, as much as by physics, a special prosecutor, or the police.

Like some unexpected sign of fear and loathing, stuck up among creatures, ash trays, and surfer magazines, he exercises lingo. To be cool and stuck up among creation for no good reason, he creaks along, fingers and toes, fingers and toes, to stretch a little, and with a mental faculty and activity always traced and rooted three in one -- yet painfully warped and fractured in his way.

Like only half a broken circle, procedenti ab utroque, proceeding from another, where primordial Jupiter split him and his property in half, sub specie aeternitatis. Under an appearance of eternity, from the beginning, he rolls down the hill: the strange results knitting the mineral, vegetable, and animal within the spiritual and elemental. Creaking along squeaky-wheel-gets-the-grease, irons and Platonic solids in the fire, he sighs: and he sighs sometimes with noticeable pains, et cetera.-18

Sentenced by the cosmos to be a 3-D contradiction in one, for better or worse, on strange nights he may hear the howls of execration. Guilty as he may be for some radical contempt, he also asks with cool cynicism, “what is truth”? Why not the Reign of Terror as much as why, to plead the Fifth as well as not, there is an ode to joy then a pitiful cry of angst. Only himself first, to build his strange society and novus ordo continuations, he discovers a place with no easy way out. 

In view of one of the strangest probations and portals of all creation, even if he goes underground from some necessity or skill, in the end it all could have been only a set-up, if not a bad dream.

Or, per misadventure, he was framed and stuck under a bridge. It was like sickle and hammer over a cross, for few are well-to-do even where freedom and property would be enjoyed by all. The poor bearded old man with a flat tire of the ages, and a real estate notebook, alone and rejected as the wounds of a martyr, even a friend like Willie Nelson would cry like a dog, and warble and croon for legalization, the social betters of marijuana. "Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow! You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout"-19, he twitter-tweeted.

He left the bong in the van, and the bag, if for a regal cinema crown. For an old man stoned and obscure, stuck between Texas and California, there is a long line of traffic and smoke in the world of hope and self-affirmation. An accident perhaps, due to the fact that the rich everywhere are few, and the poor so numerous, at the DMV some days the offices are better than others, some worse, almost as bad as it can get, yet the suffering in the joints and the rheumatism.

Particle and wave, and the colorless pill, where there are the smartaleck youngsters who bum cigarettes at the corner, typical of some circles of experience and urban agglomeration. Friends and enemies will pass by through the hall of mirrors and harrassments, wagging their heads from side to side, from alpha to omega, and the unemployment office, and a creep with a bomb in a bag is waiting up ahead around the corner. One false move when he gets there, the unsuspecting fellow, and a cigarette at the gas station could blow everything up.

"Smoking is prohibited within 50 feet of gas pumps and station social areas," of course.


Euripides and "Cool Hand Luke" were a long time ago, perhaps a galaxy far, far away; and who knew it would be only about twenty years between Linda Blair's silver screen performance in the "Exorcist", and Jimmy Connors' last US Open Tennis semi-final finish?


We die only once and then for such a very long time. C'est la vie, c'est le vide.

"Prohibido fumar a 50 pies o menos de las bombas," claro que si.

Point out the happy man and will it not also point out the figure of something wrong, if not awkwardly placed in the blind spots?

 ... and the pumps did not work anyway. Vandals stole the handles.

Homo? Humus.
Fama? Fumus.
Finis? Cinis.


The longtime political animal would say anything to be free and pretend that everything modern is in motion and nothing worthwhile at rest. Therefore, Al Gore as well as NASA should be encouraged, like Vicente Fox with a box of tacos, and little green men over holiday eggnog, to colonize Mars with a Tennessee rover purchased at RadioShack for Christmas.

For "every man has three characters - that which he exhibits, that which he has, and that which he thinks he has".-20

However the rates may go, therefore, for tourist fees, existence, port tax, surcharges, and mental fidgeting, as crunchy cookies crumble by the Nile and crocodiles of many fine teeth smile, looking for handouts, as they always have, not all projectiles follow an exact parabola. If Galileo fell off the boat, for example, and there was a picture from Court TV of the beastly, bloody affair, it would not be gravity by the inverse squared, except for the reason of the accident. Or did somebody push him?

Although like a parabola at times is close to a parabola, and that may be close enough for many cases of government work. Pro officio illo, in the math, of course, it is very good at times to round off, to simplify for the solution; yet some curves that would seem parabolic are not so perfectly proportioned in each half, as described in the heliocentric books, and are only knock-offs, et cetera.

So the thing in the bottle discussed as cause would go unassigned by the inverse squared. A world of knock-offs, nuts, and confusion, if by impetus of nature or convention from generation to generation there follows the ghost in modernist physics, it still remains that for some what comes out of a golf bag what may be really frustrating is not gravity but the total lack of improvement.
Besides approximations in relational mechanics and artillery, many other projectiles may not seem parabolic at all, like a boomerang, for example, which is more circular. And what to do with Galileo's theory of universal gravity, when it carelessly disrespects chemistry, common sense, and Aristotle, who may be the smartest man who ever lived, so much that to drop a hammer or feather on the naked toe, foot, or shin would be the same difference, when everybody knows that it is not? And is it not obvious to any fool with a boomerang made from iridium, tungsten, or plutonium, that it will not fly like one made from roots of Mulga, Black Wattle, or vomit? 
So let safety in research come first, as much as between foot, toe, and shin. "If there is no truth in freedom, ultimately the terms involved will undermine you"-21. Wherefore, a good value is a good value, and some research opinions say modern property insurance can be traced to the Great Fire of London in 1666, which devoured more than 13,000 houses. A tragedy and a terror, and if birds had hammers for feathers, how would that be for a day at the park? Or the circumstances of interference by parabola on accident at the pawn shop?
It is not too much to say that like life itself insurance or education at times is quickly converted from a matter of convenience into one of urgency. After all, the state exists for the sake of a good life not life only.
"Petrus ubique pater, legum Bononia mater", is the motto of the oldest University in the world. Wherever rock is father, the law of baloney is the mother.
If not science then, the law has observed that it was for practice that God made idiots, and the last measure of kings, "ultima ratio regum", Richelieu engraved the cannons, where the Sun orbits the Earth -- also where Galileo's insane notion that horizontal motion is independent of vertical would lead Newton to conclude that a bullet or cannon ball fired from shoulder height would fall to the ground, away off in the distance, at the same time as another dropped from the same shoulder height.-22 Truly ridiculous, and time for medication, and only for theory, since by universal gravity it would be reckoned that the bullet that is fired should fall at the same rate as the one that is dropped.
If there is any uncertainty that these fools and liars cannot be caught in the margins and double talk, have a sniper fire a high powered rifle from a low tripod support, and drop a bullet from that height that is equal to the gun barrel, that would be very low.


By the father of all places, and mother of the law, it is plain to see that the horizontal and the vertical are not independent of each other at all. Wherever the question goes, the equation for a straight line, y = mx + b, and every calculus and trigonometric function show that they always are in the roots together, in three dimensions of space and time, whether the subject is rest or motion.

After all, there are only six cosmic directions comprised of length, width, and height, variously transposed in patterns of at least two perpendicular planes in one sphere. The cosmos, in fact, logically and universally is everywhere in the form of a sphere, and little spheres within spheres. From place to place, all realms and corners of space and time, high and low, are resolved in three simple dimensions; and there is no escape, there is no way out, from the ontological power and interstitial superintendence of the cube, the cube of the circle, and the cube of the sphere, of course.


Language as logos (λόγος), therefore, and words, both by nature and convention, are choral as much as logic. The words of epistemology and psychology are round and full as much as space itself (χώρα εαυτός).

It takes wooden balls and a stiff mallet to play championship croquet, and there is geometry and room for a swarm of meaning out of a book, and some things and odd sayings may never change. There is even a trinitarian trace in the psychology of the human voice, for example, that shifts around strictly in 3-D. Yet like space and time, as much as the perspective may shift, there is no 4th dimension in it. 

The Psalms and wisdom books are as important to world literature, in the manner of pure illustration of three inspired dimensions in one, as the Three Musketeers; and the great shifting voice from the light and the dark in the clouds, and la vie 3-D, comes through in many other stories like Theogony, Works and Days, the Illiad, Odyssey, and the Aeneid.

"Shifts in voice and addressee are frequent in the Psalms, especially the psalms of lament. These shifts are recognizable by syntactical shifts in subject, predicate, and second or third person addressee. Changes in voice normally entail a shift from first and/or second person to third person discourse, and shifts in addressee usually involve a change from speech directed to the Lord to descriptive speech about the Lord. The recognition of this phenomenon is very important ..."-23

If one delves into the mind and the phenomena of circular relation, the I may become a you, and the you may become a one, even this or that one, who is or would be one of the ones, or one of those, or these, and then there follows the sense where one becomes we, and they, et alia. As in French, for instance, they say "on", which means "one", but for the expressions one becomes "we", or any of the others.

Martin Buber described I - Thou relation as dialogical, and I - it relation as monological. For the whole picture of the human voice, however, and therefore also of the mind, the circuit of relation is trinological at the root, like the Mercedes-Benz logo.

"You ain't going nowhere, and neither am I" he said to himself, solipsistically, as they were listening in. He knew they were there, and they did too. Even the air is full of eyes, roundabout, and they knew he knew, and he knew they knew, since it was not any secret that could be kept between them. Not even from far away, but it was closer than that. It was like hidden cameras and spies and billboards everywhere ... in there.

So it goes among dedicated eavesdroppers and the paranoid or perhaps the obsessed by some impetus squared. If there was an occult-action-at-a-distance, it was agreed by all witnesses at the street that such a society would be compelled to be careful; and "we know it", he said to himself, as much as one, and them almost in the middle of nowhere. This problem of 3-D mentality is so vast that it even penetrates pop music, 1, 2, 3, as much as wiretaps, filaments, and fibre-optics, for example, with strumming guitar,

Clouds so swift
Rain won't lift
Gate won't close
Railings froze
Get your mind off wintertime
You ain't goin' nowhere
Whoo-ee ride me high
Tomorrow's the day
My bride's gonna come
Oh, oh, are we gonna fly
Down in the easy chair !

I don't care
How many letters they sent
Morning came and morning went
Pick up your money
And pack up your tent
You ain't goin' nowhere
Whoo-ee ride me high
Tomorrow's the day
My bride's gonna come
Oh, oh, are we gonna fly
Down in the easy chair!


As remedy to life in society, one may suggest the big city. "Nowadays, it is the only desert within our means"-24 ... and so it goes one two three alpha gamma omega and check the mail, for what could be good perhaps instead of trouble. For as it was in the past, Merlin warned King Arthur, "men forget where the way leads ... and what they meet with every day seems strange to them,"-25 for "it is the doom of man that he forgets." 





"Howlers and Funny" was a balloon and party business that failed. "O Lacrima", and the show is over when the fat lady at the opera sings. Envy lasts longer than happiness, and most small businesses fail within a few years, like nine out of ten tech start-ups, for example -- but if there was another actor in Hollywood, a double with a nose close enough for Buster Keaton III, who never smoked crystal meth or crack, with a premier TV show and millions in the bank, who knew everybody so well, what would that be like to laugh about for human interest and enjoyment?


There may be many knock-offs perfect for cigars, and before the 4th dimension, oblivion may have "Twistee Treats" and "Ted Talks", to salute the double chin, and biddy-biddy-bum. There are many among the poor, true it is no shame, but no great honor either; and would it be so bad to have a small fortune? To salute the double chin, and lifestyles of rich and famous, and every other more, dee, daidle deedle daidle, deedle daidle dumb, lucky Deebs and D'Iberville had mansions and cellars full of rum.

Biddy-biddy-bum. People and friends still like to breathe good air, of course, and go everywhere with good feelings, if they can, but "humility is the solid foundation of all virtues"-26 and also the truth.

A reporter at the airport in London once asked Dr. Albert Schweitzer, "what's wrong with men today ?" 

Dr. Schweitzer answered, "men simply don't think."


And who would know "if the moon's not a balloon, coming out of a keen city in the sky -- filled with gracious people?"-27 he might have said. One day flowers may pick themselves, and Mons Mensae of Table Mountain, and all the planets and stars are in three simple dimensions too, certainly, from pole and equator to pole, as well as all the space and time in between them. All it takes are azimuth, altitude, and ascension to describe the coordinates of any planet or star in its course around the earth.

No one has seen any light or formal purpose from a set distribution within a range greater than 3-D. There is no pattern in logic or the stars that shows any trace of a 4th dimension, or that 1, 2 and 3 of anything equal something other than 6. Existence itself, ens inquantum ens, as much as sunlight through stained glass, or the golden ox by the horns, is in the nature of a plenum. And the plenum is always everywhere in the properties of three dimensions only, in as much as simple being is first and last to all becoming, even as much as people can stand it, even if there would be an intrusion of all mysteries into a room.

"To be or not to be" echoed the famous question, the crisis of calculation from Elsinore; and the 4th dimension was no more sensible of it and the existence there, between extremities of tragic drama in a castle, than anywhere else that blindness can see itself. Rem insania scire non potest, non magis quam caecitas se videre.-28 The insanity and corruption cannot be known, any more than blindness can see itself.


Since the way of needles and honest crafts always turns against it, only communists could do this sort of thing, contra naturam, and expect to get away with it! Bellarmine and blind Homer were right and without difficulty about rosy-fingered dawn in the first place; and whenever people talk about the 4th dimension, it is an intellectual fantasy always expressed in words, terms, and numbers that are only three dimensional.

"Despite all the talk of a fourth dimension, the fundamentals of dimensionality have not changed. Relativity or no relativity, we still have only three spatial dimensions."-29 Indeed, the individual of common sense "is handicapped by coming face-to-face wih a conspiracy so monstrous he can scarcely believe that it exists,"-30 and the 4th dimension is never there in anything that they say or demonstrate for abstraction or the proof. "That object which is central to all of classical general relativity, the four-dimensional spacetime geometry, simply does not exist, except in a classical approximation."-31

Even the three stooges did not need help from incomprehensibility of a 4th dimension for more painful ways of frustration and excruciating sufficiency and confusion. Since there is the fullness of up and down, and the joys of Heaven or pains of Hell, "the mind is comprehensive of the whole act of existing. It can be identical with the act of existing itself, which is the ultimate principle of intelligibility"-32, and for the Stooges, as much as for NASA, the UN, and bump and run, it is a lifetime of classical mathematics, with errors and props totally in 3-D.

"We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say"-33, said Moe to Curly, before hitting him with a hammer, and to clear understanding few words suffice: "intelligenti pauca".

Sometimes there is light up ahead at the end of the tunnel, even if it is a Japanese bullet train headed in the spectator's direction. For the clue of thread into the labyrinth and out, following the trail of irony, every descriptive trace, block, and curve of the supposed 4th dimension always comes out in one of three ways. The 4th simply is a delusion that cannot even fit inside their minds; and it is not ever in a vacuum either, of course, which would be the other end of impossible. Not in cubist art like "Guernica", or the uses of weird science, or any movies or comic books somewhere else, if it were anywhere, it should be right there where they are talking about it the most, speculating and working at it the hardest, with complicated explanations, intricate equations and diagrams, but it never is. It never is there except by complex misrepresentations in 3-D. 


"The greatest part of mankind float between virtue and vice", a fire in the belly, a fire in the head, like turpentine and dandelion wine, going higher and higher until they are dead; and to anyone with wide experience more than tunnel vision, it has not been all joy and gladness that everything unfolds in three dimensions, of course. "Misery is manifold"-34, and sometimes reality may be a cruel day to visit. “When you compare the sorrows of real life to the pleasures of the imaginary one, you will never want to live again, only to dream forever.”-35 

Harry Dean Stanton and Art Garfunkel used to sing, "All I have to do is dream. Dream, dream, dream", and Mr. Stanton was married to Barbara Mandrell in his mind, yet there have been terrible sufferings and pain. A grievous heavy burden, and from the covenant of peace also came sorrow. St. Bartholomew was skinned alive, and some days "shall come kindled as a furnace"-36, where all the proud and wicked shall be stubble, and terrible wrath "shall set them on fire". 

"Come not between the dragon, and his wrath", for better it is where "quiet thoughts mend the body, and nothing can be accomplished without norms and standards": 静 以 修 身 没 有 规 矩 不 成 方 圆 (jìng yǐxiū shēn méi yǒu guī ju bù chéng fāng yuán).


There was a Chinese teacher who played piano, "eighty-eight keys and a little universe", he said -- and "if a man were to say and write all he thinks, there would be nothing more horrible on God's Earth than man,"-37 the dirty figure of Diogenes complained. He lived in a great barrel of oak after college, then moved to a horse's tub of fine clay.

As any philosopher would, he thought and he reasoned, and he thought about things all day. He thought of all the things that he could: and when he had counted all his ways in the presence of mind, and recollected himself for an onion, his liver, and a soul, there was not any 4th dimension that he recognized in any of it, not even from a glint of whiskey or drop of cherry wine. It was all circles and bubbles of Euclid, from summit to abyss, even if a house or a home, or a palace in the clouds passing at noon, like an arc de triomphe turning music into gold.

At the corner of sunset, de l'étoile, he reckoned that "the vine bears three kinds of grapes: the first of pleasure, the second of intoxication, and the third of disgust." Apuleius wrote in "Metamorphoses", “prima creterra ad sitim pertinet, ad hilaritatem secunda, tertia ad voluptatem, quarta ad insaniam”: the first pitcher is to quench your thirst, the second for joy, and the third for pleasure, and the fourth for madness.

Every cloud has a silver lining 守 得 云 开见 月 明 (shǒu dé yún kāi jiàn yuè míng), and as an oil lamp becomes brighter after trimming, a truth becomes clearer after being discussed: 灯 不 拨 不亮,理 不 辩 不 明 (dēng bù bō bù liàng, lǐ bù biàn bù míng).

"The smoky Moon is no simple drinker of wine", and once upon a time, in the wilderness of rhododendron mountain, burans, gurans and ladybugs on his sleeve, there was an 8th century Chinese poet, Li Po, who used a metonymy of six dragon-steeds, carrying the sun around the earth, to represent the common geometry of space.


"O Sun that rose in the eastern corner of Earth,
Looking as though you came from under the ground,
When you crossed the sky and entered the deep sea,
Where did you stable your six dragon-steeds?

Now and of old your journeys have never ceased:
Strong were that man's limbs
Who could run beside you on your travels to and fro ... "


Three ways of to and fro (in ascension, azimuth, and altitude) for the chariot of the sun make up the six universal directions.


Counting all six dragons, there is not a circle or a sphere anywhere in existence with a trace of the 4th dimension in it, and the circle and sphere are the best signs of infinity and limitless activity. The form of a circle is complete without beginning or end. It has only one side and one uniform curve all the way around, yet the one side and uniform curve that it has represents innumerability in an infinite number of tangential little sides, for other circles too, as it would go round and round in inifinitesimal points of division, point to point, etc. 


The Foucault pendulum cranked up at the equator, therefore, and division by zero are not better than snowflakes for signs of an infinitesimal. Just where the little white mouse disappears for a category, the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter does as well as any, since Pi is an endless number. As the numberless edges hidden as the littlest points in the continuous round side are divided ad infinitum, on and on by the middle it goes, like 1, 2, 3, and ABC, simple as the joy of pi, 3.14159265359 ... forever. Everything people see or experience is between ends, and the circle has the edge of the finest point in between, the angle of radius and diameter.


O, for the beauty of completion, and N-2(180) represents the sum of interior angles of any polygon, and for a circle this number would approach infinity as the figurative limit. And so on, and for all the sargassum in the Sargasso Sea.

O, for the adorable time, and N-2(180)/N represents the measure of each interior angle of any polygon; and for a circle this number approaches continuous distribution as approximate 180, 179.999, etc., as reflections in a mysterious line, as an infinitesimal number of degrees and angles go all the way around, from point to point to point. And so on, and for all the sargassum in the Sargasso Sea.

If pine cones and little icicles were not proof enough for perfection, there are potentially an infinte number of semi-circles contained within a circle, where there are always two 180" angles covering each half, from any given point, and the curve of a circle keeps going round and round forever. Like waves in Huygens' principle, '"scientia est potentia", and what comes along the timeline of human experience is in circles. Some circles go up, some down. As much as the stars,"the wheels go round and round"; and as much as the circles are forms, there are universals and spheres.


Between any two points there must be something there, and each semi-circle and the diameter of opposition facing from the middle are perfectly balanced against each other: fine examples of the reflexive and transitive principles of equality, with yet another 180 degrees in the side of the line from the other side of either one. The duality goes round and round in any two halves of the curve, and the straight line within, as to either the other side, adds to 360, equalling the total sum in degrees of the one continuous exterior angle of the circle from every point, every once around.


More than the number 8 and the octave in numerology, imagined impressive for a karmic equalizer, if anything should be balanced in itself and for knowledge, infinity should be perfectly balanced; and what a thing it would be for a scientist with two eyeballs and a pair of safety goggles to see it, in itself, from the core, if he could, since it alone is uniquely proportional to everything and to itself: being also the only one that it is and remaining equal to itself: and so the earth, the only one that it is and equal to itself, but not infinite, of course, but only another circle in 3-D, and that way yet in the form of a limited sign of "eternity", as a unique sphere under the stars.

As representations go, the circle and the sphere are simply the best sets for a way to get an abstract picture of infinity; and so is the astronomy of the Earth, which is in every sign of the ecliptic and all the constellations, and between the ends of the Heavens, all the time, without ever moving.




"Is that all that there is"? she asked. "What else is there? There must be more," and the question at times comes close enough for the answer.


“To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life,”-38 and when brainwashed heliocentrics would say that the geocentric mind is distorted and must think the earth is flat or believe in the "sky fairy", or Zeus from the Middle Ages, they are not realizing the irony of their own awkward position, that itself would deform the cosmology of earth: by claiming with no scientific evidence that it is an oblate spheroid, not a sphere, and that it moves many speeds at once, and has a sizable equatorial bulge and squeezed-in polar caps.


It does not. No, no, no, not so, and through all the downs as much as the ups, through all confusions, depressions, apathies, and tiredness, a correct philosophy of science should still try to recognize the truth, and when all the evidence is otherwise or against an opinion. As a circle would be infinitely flat, for example, in the tiny edges of the corners, and a limit sign of infinity in the numberless round points, so the earth is also "infinitely flat": a sphere of vanishing flatness, with as many little Archimedes points as the capacity which nobody can add up for a total any better than Pi. As the numbers go around within the realm of its sphere, it is not rotating, of course, as far as the observable stillness and flatness go. The days and years go round and round in many different cirlces of time and place, but the earth itself remains within its sphere and not in actual motion per se.


"How was the vacation in Florida"? someone asked. "Did you see Lisa Vergara"?


"It was great", came the answer. If people do not already know, in Florida the clouds are the mountains and the sky is the top.

Everywhere the top, les grandes tetons, the most beautiful for clouds like sun-kissed boobs of the mermaid, and an open bar at the Tiki Hut, with a huge blue tank full of tropical fish. An all-inclusive moveable feast: immueble, si, a wonderful bargain vacation experience! If for only one timeshare tour, for an hour and a half, and free "Medieval Times" tickets, and a bonus airboat ride without anybody getting killed, there is a special and beautiful edge of the earth on the beach in Florida, as longitudes and latitudes of haecceitas go flat around in many cubes and circles in the little interstices of space.

"Very nice, and a sea shell".


"We can never cease to be ourselves", even in a storage closet, and with the right attitude shopping at Wal-Mart can be a pleasure, where also the round corners of the earth go flat in many aisles and small areas: cubed with innumerability by the acres squared, as a circle becomes a sphere that vanishes into day and night: as the uniform curve of a circle represents a little limit sign of infinity, but there is not any 4th dimension in it, of course. The little infinitesimal limits of infinity and circular flatnesses evident in the far away eyes and disappearances of the four corners of the earth into space, for example, multiplied all around in so many points of inqury everywhere, as they go around in so many parts, continuously defy the 4th dimension ... quanta ad quantam ad quandos. So it goes ad infinitum, even if Isaac Newton lived for sick love in a box.


As John Donne wrote, alluding to the apocalypse ... and the "four angels standing on the four corners of the earth ..."


"At the round earth's imagin'd corners, blow
Your trumpets, Angels, and arise, arise
... you numberless infinities"


However confounded and technical the discussions of Riemann, Minkowski, Kaluza, Klein, and of Einstein for Marxist space-time and the 4th, 5th, or n dimensions could be, they are still talking about points and events in space; and any two points in space can yet be joined by one simple straight line, and any straight line joining two points will have only one midpoint. Through the center, the midpoint will also have only two perpendicular planes, perpendicular to the line joining the two separate points, for all rotation, and with four by two 90 degree angles for the circles in the cross section. And this figure, as much as any others, would be one that with enough illogical distortion could supposedly also be predicated of the hypothetical and irrational zones of Minkowski space-time: and 4th, 5th, or n dimensions ... and only to follow Copernicus and heliocentric bewilderment for cultivation of stupidities.

All the planed lines in aggregation will represent the duality of the process in three dimensions: the necessity in space yet again, and in spite of the mountains of confusion and deception thrown up in favor of the illusions of modernist relativity, and "scientific" materialism. It will always emerge that in natural terms Euclidean space and geometry are definitive, most convenient, and complete, for all metric tensors and integrations of calculus, etc. So called relativity of "tangent space", and "nonlocal paradigms and measurements", and whole lexicons of Einsteinian and Judeo-Masonic refuse do not change that; or "that the three angles of a triangle are together [not] more than 180", and that the circumference and diameter of a circle do ... stand in the relationship of pi = 3.14159265359".-39


In their formulas of interpretation, Minkowski and the other relativists were using mathematical symbols for imaginary quantities which we can neither visualize nor conceive. A farce of the impossible as possible, the very mathematical symbols used to denote and calculate the form of the connections involved in their abstractions indicate the impossibility of our doing so. Thus the very mathematical symbols resourced by the followers of relativity to justify their over-the-top adventures in "n" dimensions indicate the purely imaginary character of all their reasoning. From these surreal and irrational postulates and principles of oddity, Einstein built up his entire theory of relativity.-40


With funny fingers and long nails like a crab, the "4th dimension" recedes beyond the well of reason for obscurities. Never there in existence of any transparency or grace of mutabilities, because everywhere change and chance are in 3-D, in one form or another, ad infinitum, it cannot escape from the powers of the littlest math counting book: that go like little lamb 1, little lamb 2, and little lamb 3, to absolutely crush and destroy the heresy. Some things never change for the technique. The elements of Euclid are universal, since Euclid was right in his drawings and attributions of concurrence, that any relation minimally involves three factors: that on which the relationship is founded or based, the relationship itself, and that end or resolution at which the relationship intends or terminates.-41


Confucius said "only the wisest and stupidest of men never change", and between the wise and the stupid, for them in the middle proceedings, it all is three, two, one, as much as for the others at the ends. Then there was another one in the pride of life like Steve Jobs, if not so peculiar among mortals and friends, who became famous for computers and phones and sleeping on the floor, like 1, 2, 3, who said "things do not have to change the world to be important".

Besides him, there once was a visitor to an insane asylum who had to leave at a certain time to catch the city train.

His watch was stopped, so he went into the office to look at the clock there. Nobody was in the office, but one of the inmates. The visitor said to him, "Is that clock correct?"

"You darn fool," said the inmate, "if that clock kept correct time, would it be here?"


Another day a psychiatric graduate student was interning at an insane asylum. He was walking about the grounds when he noticed one of the inmates wheeling a wheelbarrow upside down.

It seemed like a painful effort. "That's no way to push that thing", said the student. "You've got it upside down."

"Oh, have I?" answered the lunatic, eyes flashing. "I used to push it the other way and they put bricks in it."


For the mortgage crisis and derivatives of the Jewish gage, "we do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.”-42 Proof for the occasional shetar or once in a millenium disappearance of the most insiginificant point in space and of the trigonometry exists. In fact, many points of trivia and trigonometrical proofs of unimportance could disappear. The most esoteric glyph of the greatest improbability, whatever it could be, if it were found crystallized for a moment among the one and the many, among circles and spheres, spun somewhere again in the form of the ancient and uniform curve C/D to C/D, could yet be forgotten, and lost without a trace, like a mask and costume in Chinese face changing, except for what is known about the three dimensions.


So it goes, and the centering of periodicity is such that if there were something everywhere always, it would have as many points as possible all the time. The greatest contrast to it for a point would be the least of the microscopic atomic points or particles possible of the most minor and divided probabilities of atomic existence. Between these two points, the least of the least, and the everywhere always in any one or all of its points, there must be something, at least one frequency in math. Between the nearest and the furthest, if at least one straight line were possible, then a form of Euclid would appear in silhouette and qualify even the void of the abyss.


Even with all wheelbarrows of the world in the hands of a maniac, there is not room for a 4th dimension or any "absolute vacuum", but rather instead evidence of a plenum, as much as it is obvious that no two points in space or time can be separated by nothing: not without some trigonometry. For there is hidden ontological proof for the least of anything of something, even the littlest grain of sand or crystal, or tiniest particle of air, that may perhaps exist at all, with even the slightest modicum of possibility between them.


If there is one little point, then there must be another. The little one is not enough for everything of space. Between them there must be more, because the two littlest atomic points are not enough for everything, any more than one of them alone. If there were only one of the littlest subatomic particles in a desert, how alone could it be for the involvement of an equation?

If there were a crow or a raven on a branch in the top of a tree near the bank of a river, it would be the same thing, qua qua, of all the straight lines. Between whatever fine points is only another issue of simple triginometry -- trigonometry of the loneliest bird vs. the littlest atom.





种 瓜 得 瓜, 种 豆 得 豆 (zhòng guā dé guā, zhòng dòu dé dòu) - as a man sows, so shall he reap -- and causes everywhere are three, "two being the pair of contraries of which one is defintion and form, and the other is privation, and the third being the matter."(138).

As nature is a principle in the thing itself, if there were a 4th dimension it should have been discovered by now, since the beginning includes the end, as much as the end includes the beginning, and they both always include the middle. For all facts, these are only the science of three, but logically and universally they are enough to include everything for one, and they do not include a fourth dimension.

"All events or actions throughout the universe are the result of the interaction of three forces: the positive/active, the negative/passive, and the reconciling that may be either active or passive."(284) 


These forces also can be described as cardinal, fixed, or mutable; and no miller or mill agent, "their storehouses full, flowing out of this into that"-43, has ever discovered any trace of a 4th dimension in any seeds or grain business either. Never found in any measure of interstellar flour or the strangest mountain wheat, and never in any proportion or finalization of anything within the Zodiac, not within any quadruplicities or triplicities, every sign of proportionality (and disproportionality) is always against it.


By no means of discovery in any methods of procedure or robust scientific inquiry, anywhere on Earth, in any trees, rocks, rivers, branches, flowers, or cactuses of whatever kind, it is nowhere to be found in outer space either, beyond low Earth orbit and as far as the eyes can see. There is no splinter or thorn of it as such-and-such anywhere, and all that the most powerful telescopes and satellites ever see is strictly in 3-D.


Even if under a microscope, in the old Latin mass, the priest prays three times, "Domine, non sum dignus, ut intres sub tectum meum: sed tantum dic verbo, et sanabitur anima mea." Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.

The soul has a roof, which is its limit, and like a house, also being a habitation, it is an assembly completed in 3-D. The soul has three principle faculties in one in its memory, understanding, and will, which correspond in a far lesser parallel with the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

The Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, cherubim's repertoire of mercy is said nine times, the first trinitarian three for the Father, the second three for the Son, the last three for the Holy Ghost. They say nine is the number of patience, meditation, harmony and it represents the perfection of ideas. According to Etchegoyen, it is even the expression of the power of the Holy Spirit.

And Christianity has for revelation of doctrine that God is living and alive in 3-D,  with absolute power; and logic recognizes as well that the fundamental division in ontology is between the infinite and the finite. God is infinite and 3-D on his side, and He does not need a 4th, 5th, or nth dimension or anything else for his life, therefore, neither does anything else in creation.

Omnis consummationis vidi finem: latum manadatum tuum nimis. I have seen an end of all perfection: thy commandment is exceeding broad. -44

Omnis sapientia a Deo Domino est, et cum illo fuit semper, et est ante aevum. Harenam maris, et pluviae guttas, et dies saeculi, quis dinumeravit? Altitudinem caeli et latitudinem terrae, et profundum abyssi, quis mensus est? Sapientiam Dei praecedentem omnia, quis investigavit? Prior omnium creata, est sapientia et intellectus prudentiae ab aevo.

All wisdom is from the Lord God above, and hath been always with him, and is before all time. Who hath numbered the sand of the sea, and the drops of rain, and the days of the world? Who hath measured the height of heaven, and the breadth of the earth, and the depth of the abyss? Who hath searched out the wisdom of God that goeth before all things? Wisdom hath been created before all things, and the understanding of prudence from everlasting.


Einstein, Minkowski, and Riemann were bad mathematicians and fools. The communists felt compelled to undermine and take over mathematics and physics as much as theology, and that is part of the problem today. They would need a 4th or 5th dimension to hide all the dead bodies and all their groupthink lies, lies, lies and stolen goods and money; but Dante had everything ultimate of refinement and judgment in 3-D circles, spheres, and bolgias, from top to bottom, of committee and creation.

However many realms, places, spiritual or physical conditions there may be in existence, who knows, but a reasonable Christian or Socratic peripatetic can know they are all in some procession of 3-D, as much as all the sky and space: and God sees everything. Even Hesiod thought as much, that Jupiter (iudex pater) saw everything -- and it may be of interest, for etymology of words, as much as the history of astronomy, to note that the Greek words for Lord, κύριος, and space, χώρος, are closely related: joined for theory and practice, as one implies the other, since it is the business of the principle named in a word to express also the nature. 


"Homo vanitati adsimilatus est: dies eius quasi umbra pertransiens". Man is like to vanity: his days pass away like a shadow-45, and the whole story, full of sorrow and pain, foolish or otherwise, is only always in 3-D.

"Miseris succurrere ea didicit", she learned by consoling the forlorn, a line of graffiti from the Aeneid, and 4th or more dimensions could not add anything to it, or suicide of the most difficult tragedy. "There is a wisdom that is woe; but there is a woe that is madness," for humans in over their head for lack of understanding.

Sometimes circumstances make it easy to be tripped up, but stubbed toes usually are among children, or the inebriated and exiled among the poor; but if anyone feels so much pain that he could die on foot, before he hanged himself, or he cannot make it one more step forward in life, from trying to figure out what he cannot understand, a little etymology may help.

For instance, perhaps to create a better sense of connection for a moment, in French, espèce is species and espace is space. If there is anything for specifics as rudimentray as pure species, et voila, it has to be space.

Then there is awareness of location, and real estate is property also called immovable: immobilier, inmobiliaria, and beni immobili in French, Spanish, Italian.

Of one subject, and logically so for whatever example, they say that either it must be affirmed or denied of everything.

Therefore, as well, as far as walking and talking for sales, and any one predicate, the Latin words for foot (pes) and hope (spes) are related for some reason, and it does not end there. They also sound like and are related to pace, space, and peace in English -- and spatium in pace(pa-chay) is a space in peace, in Latin, for example.

The influence of peace may begin with a smile, even if it may not last very long, except where the dove on silver pinions winged her peaceful way. 

As much as six degrees of Venus is about twenty minutes, little Charlotte was as pretty as the angels when they sing, and “if you're going to be crazy", she said, "you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up.” If she was from IMDB, perhaps magic was in the air, and it was almost like she was stuck inside the TV or between a crystal and a cube. In any case, music, logic, and reruns have not changed from the stone age or since blind Homer passed away. 

See, the gods of the wingèd shoe would return, with the silver hounds sniffing the trace of air, and words may affect people like cause and effect. 

Lo, for the choirmaster, qui vivra verra, and the perfect image awaits in the baggage train, lighted for the apple of the eye. With a single ear jaded science hearkens to thee. Even the fall of Troy called it and signed it, after they had it all picked out.

Dabblers and the perennial and archaic community of amusements, ancients, middles, and moderns signaled and claimed it too. In fact, they eye'd it, spied it, and sought it out. Some sang hymns, and they sighed it, cooed it, wooed it, and booked it. As many as were there, who had the will or the way, took turns with it like fiddle faddle and marshmallows. It was simply the best, and they bought it, had it, looked at it, squeezed it, rapped it, tapped it, and passed it around. They gamed it up, played it, dealt  it, gambled it, riffed it, weighed it, risked it, issued it, traded it, rubber stamped it, wheeled it, engine'd it, greased it, lubed it, tubed it, burned the streets with it, throttled it, gripped it, and scoped it all out.

There was advertising and things went further with a curious power of transformation, where some even experienced signs of levitation. Feeling good, they nipped it, snipped it, snapped it, shagged it, bagged it, pinched it, rolled it, smoked it, toked it, and took it for the Saturnine Sugarplum Fairy. There was further levity and love for sandwiches, souvenirs, beverages, and ice cream, along the way, and there were drugs in the rugs and ghosts in the walls, even around the golf course, where they hooked it, wedged it, lobbed it, drubbed it, dubbed it, sliced it, diced it, shanked it, skyed it, topped it, wiffed it, tee'd it, tweaked it, leaked it, blistered it, taped it, drilled it, nailed it, ripped it, swung it, brung it, flung it, snaked it, lipped it, pulled it, putted it, pushed it, lagged it, flagged it, wagged it, wiggled it, waggled it, skipped it, slipped it, dipped it, dapped, dibbed it, dabbed it, slapped it, zapped it, smacked it, chipped it, chubbed it, flubbed it, flipped it, flapped it, touched it, gloved it, pitched it, slid it, threw it, tossed it, traded it, traced it, aced it, wrinkled it, wiffled it, backed it, queued it, ribboned it, thumbed it, fished it, fingered it, marked it, rigged it, ragged it, raffled it, wrung it out, washed it, foxed it, fixed it, fastened it, castered it, swiveled it, and then rediscovered it.

If it was strange, still it was not hard to see how they cared. One of them there, as much a plucky fool as the others, a man who knew no fear, said, "all I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy", and they collateralized it for crenellations and bonded it, brewed it, aired it, cooled it, tuned it, cued it, kief boxed it for doughnuts, syndicated it, scribbed it, scried it, moved it, proved it, cabbed it, screwed it, rued it, sued it, pie'd it, fried it, baked it, caked it, boiled it, almost murdered it and then backed it off.

The judges, princes, florists, and independent contractors of the land cupped it in the blink of an eye, and honey-bee'd it, kissed it, tabled it, tippled it, toppled it, tipped it, stitched it, ditched it, adored it, snored it, kept it, tickled it, soothed it, soaked it, steeped it, twisted it, fondled it, festooned it, coiled it, whispered it, swayed it, played it again, crushed it, rushed it, swarmed it, measured it, grilled it, pumped it, piped it, drummed it for flocks and snake oil, tackled it, tussled it, muscled it, oiled it, stretched it, walked it, talked it, stood on one leg with it like fairies, toasted it, roasted it, mosted it, feasted it, esteemed it, embraced it repeatedly, fumbled it, smashed it, danced it, dropped it, pranced it, picked it up, drove it around, peckered it, poker'd it, puckered it, smuckered it, spanked it, stroked it, stoked it, poked it, dibbled it, nibbled it, knuckled it, bruised it, injured it, tainted it, poisoned it, pickled it, valued it, carded it, and couponed it.

The thing and the experience would never tire from exhaustion, and there was a surprising castle and drove of cattle by the way in Scotland, where the rubric guided them further, and they fermented it, aged it, distilled it, bottled it, corked it, sold it, uncorked it again, lassoed it, hounded it, pounded it, pommeled it, shook it, estopped it, bumped it, stumped it, thumped it, roped it, doped it, tied it, knotted it, exorcised it for the devil, demons, and misfortune, whipped it, kicked it, kitchened it, cooked it, mixed it, cherished it, brushed it, painted it, sketched it, kinko'd it with frames and paper, wickered it in a basket, treasured it, analyzed it, feminized it, spoiled it, fiddled it, folded it, molded it, lumped it, papier-mâchéd it, plastered and sculpted it very much good and sponsored it again, spooned it, forked it, cut it, sawed it, carved it, hammered it, burned it, and bundled it for comfies.

They hallowed it with incense and related it for all, if scented like brine or sea salt and roses, they sniffed it, smelled it, smooched it, sneezed it, snoozed it, nudged it, smudged it, turned it, looped it, knobbed it, rubbed it, and wiped it off. Then they almost disavowed it, but the flavor and aroma were still there, and they scratched it, wiped it, knee'd it, toe'd it, bit it, tasted it, savored it, chewed it, spewed it, consumed it, licked their chops over it and cleaned it, petted it, patted it, wanted it and wanted it, cloved it and loved the thing more and more, fugued it, pflugued it, plugged it, pflugged it, pfeiffered it and pfeffernussed it, dressed it up and sang to it like Scarface for Christmas Carols, fashioned it for a sequence on TV, wintered it, cuddled it, cottoned it, ooo liked it, wrapped it up in blankets and slept with it, buddied it, befriended and friended it, birdied it, cutied it, wished-and-welled it, kissed it lightly, wedded it, buttered it, defended the relations, consummated it, cheated it, ravished it, ode-to-joyed for it, wrote it all out for a formula and returning convenience, and could not count all the ways that they could not live without it, nor reckon too wisely that they could neither fit it all in, even if they remembered everything from beginning to end: and they thereof did eat also the golden apple of discord, the juicy giant melon, sumptuous as it was, hidden in the scheme of things, μῆλον τῆς Ἔριδος, and fell off the way and off the cliffs drunk as Calvados.


If it made them sick, they never knew for obsessions, and then there was at another distant time the otherwise obscure occurrence of the utter destruction of Carthage, that followed in the seasons and train of Rome, the famed City of Seven Hills. All by reason, of course, "the empire which reason holds over the senses", and the logic that comes from the stone age, in fact, is still good: as good as the Encomium of Helen, for example, or the punishing salt and fire on the Tunisian plain.

Steve McQueen was not there, to dramatize the effect, of course, but "Carthago delenda est", et cetera, Q.E.D. for Hollywood.

"You sell whatever you want, but don't sell it here tonight," he said. The flames were climbing higher and higher up into the night.

"Quo vadis"? they asked. "Where are you going"?

Ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt. Fate leads the willing, the unwilling it drags.

As much as that and such things, and Yul Brynner's bald head, cruel logic is what all scientists must use since it simply is the best. "Le miracle est logique, et même banal, en ce qu'il dévoile la suprématie de l'inventeur sur son invention, du moteur sur la machine, de la cause sur ses effets."-46 The miracle is logic, if commonplace the same, for it reveals the supremacy of inventor over invention, of motor over machine, of cause over the effects.


When something is right and simple, or has enough steam to fill the plenum, even for only a little along the way, like the dream of Scipio, for instance, or instead is doomed by complications like Carthage, it is just the way that it is and everybody knows it. Like Horace and the fates, or Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the truth is one, even when cringe-worthy: the great sign of the all-inclusive through the days, and in it there is no place for progress, not beyond one in three. Except where it is a question of material inventions, some development of craftsmanship, and artifice, et cetera, the things in themselves as the numbers are the same, "there being nothing older than the truth".-47


"Besides, in a centred mind, it signifies nothing how many mechanical inventions you exhibit. Though you add millions, and never so surprising, the fact of mechanics has not gained a grain’s weight. The spiritual fact remains unalterable, by many or by few particulars; as no mountain is of any appreciable height to break the curve of the sphere."-48 However far gadgets may advance and multiply, the mechanical arts and technology do not change the ontological reality of the truth and its logic. They merely reveal more of it in different and little ways, and none of them show any signs of a 4th dimension in space or time.


Si l'espine non pique quand nai,
A peine pique jamai

If a thorn pricks not at its birth,
It will hardly prick at all

Quod ab initio non valet, in tractu temporis non convalescit. That which is not good in the beginning, no length of time can make good.

If something like the so-called 4th dimension was not inchoate in the math and logic of potential things from the inception, it never will be developed in them later. Even when it takes a long time to figure out what is true for a solution, what is true was already so from the origin. What comes out of the seed is what was in it, and all work is as seed sown; it grows and spreads, and sows itself anew; and one only fools himself when he seeds badly.





Since so-called "gravity" is merely a coextensive attribute of being, by natural weight and virtue of elemental compression, and there are only six directions in space, Cavendish should more accurately have used the magic number 6 instead of 6.754 in his formula equation for Big G. After all, the many repetitions of three dimensions, of any two perpendicular planes, that range in six overall cosmic directions, form the universal background for gravity. To keep it simple, therefore, 3 x 2 = 6, and there would be Big “G” 6.0 and little “g”(9.8) by special design of marbles and laboratory ramps. This much can be discovered too by anybody with some golf balls, a putter, a pack of cigarettes, or a bag of Doritos, and as much to think about as Boethius, as much as with any torsion balance or atomic interferometer.

"Rotam volubili orbe versamus", turning the wheel of fortune as swifltly as she pleases, she goes; and so-called "gravity" is not even a lateral or vertical force, from one end of real estate and all the locks and keys to all the others; and it is not, in fact, a force of any practical or significant measure in real physics, and there is not a 4th dimension to speak of and make sense. Therefore, gravity does not have anywhere to hide, and there is no where that it can be found. Not by the barrels or beyond any extension in space and time that is out of the six principle cosmic directions.

Geometry never tires and geometry never sleeps, and LBJ once gave a speech in which he expressed concern about the growing powers of "the masters of infinity". He said "control of space means control of the world. There is something more important than the ultimate weapon, and that is the ultimate position. The position of total control over Earth that lies somewhere in outer space." Since in natural units it is convenient to set Big "G" equal to 1 anyway, the formula for universal gravity can be as simple as 6 x 1/ 6 x 1 = 1, and divide by one to check the proof for the masters of infinity. A unified duality of two sixes in one appears like snake eyes facing each other in dice, where phenomena come and go, and go in and out.

Some may deny that things should be so simple, and insist they will never stop being more complicated, and that there is a 4th dimension, and Minkowski, Einstein, Carl Sagan and the others were not fools: but they will never find any proof, and they will only go round and round in circles ... ad infinitum in 3-D. Like bad music and bad feelings, as old as the hills, a headache consists in the form of the measure, and there are three principle ways to define a thing: by the thing itself, what it is like for sameness or the parallel, and what it does.




So it goes, and the universal seed of logic in the syllogism is strictly 3-D. Like the arc of the rainbow, a sign "of a magnitude that has remained unsurpassed",-49 there are the two propositions, the major and minor premise, and the conclusion. The two propositions and the conclusion are always qualified by their significance in three parts: the subject term, the predicate term, and the copula. The qualification of extent by the quantifier is also three dimensional. When one reasons well, if the premises of the argument are true, it will be impossible for the conclusion to be false, and there is never a twist from n plus dimensions to spoil any of the salt.

A maxim of the Stoics was that "a kind act is made up of three parts: firstly, the giver's, secondly the recipient's, and thirdly the rewarder's; and that the recipient amply rewards the giver if he willingly accepts the gift and keeps it perpetually in his memory."-50


善 有 善 报 (shàn yǒu shàn bào), do well and have well, they say by the seasons in China, and so many things come in three's, on land, on water, and in the air, that they cannot all be counted any more than the wind. The universal way of diplomacy, negotiation, and 20 Questions is always three, in person, place, or thing; and all argumentation and arbitration that follows is only validation of three kinds, in demonstrations, proofs, and probabilities.-51

The ancient philosophers were agreed that philosophy has three sorts of inquiry in physics, logic, and ethics, which sometimes were also labeled the natural, rational, and moral. And there are three requisites to start if an artist wants to produce something, in the natural gift, education, and practice. And nobody with any sense hestitates to admit either that there is indeed some cause of being, some norm in knowing, and some aim in living.

Three primary colors too, and "nature is an endless combination and repetition of very few laws. She hums the old well-known air through innumerable variations,"-52 and as much as music is kin to math, there are three universal functions in the circle over it all, in sine, cosine, and tangent, and three kinds of waves that follow: and three again for transverse, longitudinal, and surface: and three again in matter, electromagnetic, and mechanical.

Like photosynthesis, osmosis, and the mail, the meaning of a sign has a general mode of being superior to its particular instances. The implication consists as well in a triadic relation over and above the three individual terms (for example, sign-vehicle, signified, and intepretant) that it connects. The sign of relation is in virtue of the essential course, and likewise there are only three orders of cause in nature that follow in the efficient, coincidental, and accidental.

If the world would be "put under the mind for verb and noun", for the experience or practice or usage in grammar, the foundation of all knowledge, "which rules even kings",  it all boils down to subject, verb, and compliment. There is the subject and predicate of cause and effect, with the verbal process and connection between them for the third part. The eight parts of speech follow the first three of noun, verb, and the predicate modifier, and there are three kinds of conjunctions.

"The structure of every sentence is a lesson in logic" and a virtual exercise in 3-D.-53 As much in logic as in chess and all other sports, the three important elements are time, space, and material; and there are only as many as three ways for any king to find an escape from checkmate. He can move to a safe square where he cannot be captured, or he can block the check by interposition, or he can capture the enemy piece. And a king cannot castle in check, into check, or through check. Those are three no no's.



Every speech has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, and the three parts of an ideal paragraph are a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. As Aristotle taught rhetoric, "in making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech."

Besides conversation, people often make do with lists, and speeches, the news, and telling stories and great big lies, and it is such a common experience to list things that Umberto Eco said in his opinion that "the list is the origin of culture. It is part of the history of art and literature". By some design in the numbers, lists create a framework, as much as they represent a figure within the understanding. As much as they inhabit the memory, Eco even expressed the strange opinion that people "like lists because we do not want to die."

And "no one wants to die. Even people who want to go to Heaven do not want to die to get there."-54


If not once or twice, the third time is a charm, and many things come in three's, like the celestine trifecta. If there was a presentation of a list of all things that are in three parts, and also that are one, it would include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. For example, in intelligent communication and grammar there is first, second, and third person, which are enough for all cases of voice, whether in singular or plural; and there is only past, present, and future in time, of course, like yesterday, today, and tomorrow. "Of necessity the past gives way to the future, and the present is but a fleeting instant joining the former with the latter. This is a fact, a motion, a law ... not in itself an evil."-55 

Time is waiting at the doorstep, tapping foreheads, hanging from mirrors, rattling tea cups, and the mind has within its sphere only three root faculties of memory, understanding, and will, that go round and round in circles, three for one and then two feet.


The mind works by three degrees when it intellectually perceives a subject. There is the subject, the faculty of perception, and the contemplation or consideration that proceed from them both. In a name, word, or number that fructifies in the mind there are three parts of cognitive awareness in virtue of the denomination, perception, and recollection. In Christianity, all blessings, prayers, and the greatest happiness of eternal life (perpetua capiamus gaudia vitae, etc.) are in three dimensions: in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. In theology, there are three levels of activity in the natural, preternatural, and supernatural and none can escape the Trinity. The trivium of classical education follows the pattern too by grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

Clostridio Bucalino wrote in the "Encyclopaedia Confiteor Confundatii Fundibulo" that "in statistics it is mean, median, and mode and every statistic is within a circle. Therefore, averages are signs from Heaven, and God almighty is three in one. So it goes for all purposes of information and spying."

"Therefore, when the mind knows itself and loves itself, there remains a trinity, that is the mind, love, and knowledge." And the mind here is accepted not simply for the soul, "but for that which is the more excellent in the soul."-56 Every sphere and every vision in the cosmos, as much as every word, is excellent in 3-D. In physics and science, there are only three key parts in time, space, and energy. All mathematical formulas of algebra, calculus, and geometry are in 3-D and proportional in only three dimensions. "Every positive integer is representable as a sum of at most three triangular numbers,"-57 and everything in existence and existence itself can be represented by at least that and a factor of one. As well, there are only three parts to any financial position: assets, liabilities, and owner's equity. 

There is not any pattern of increase or a road to infinity that has a 4th dimension and logic. For instance, imagine that hidden in the Great Smoky Mountains not far from Lost Cave, Tennessee, or the timeshares in Gatlinburg, there is an infinitely long bridge about three feet wide, made from dark wooden planks taken from the devil's most complex mill. Then take a saw and begin cutting from the bridge many identical little cubes. Since the bridge is infinitely long, winding into the abyss, an infinite number of cubes can be cut from it. On and on it goes, with the mathematicians counting mountains of rich tiny cubes.

The eerie devil's mill bridge into infinity made from wooden planks does not take up much room in the small steps, foot by foot, by foot or hoof, yet on it goes forever, and the dark cubes go higher and higher. There is no end in sight, but being only three feet wide, even little people and many illegal Mexicans, trying to escape the long arm of Donald Trump, could easily hop across it, or fall off, if not careful.

Still, if as many little cubes as possible were cut from the bridge, someone could begin to fill the universe with them. Since the bridge is infinite, it goes on and on, and an infinite number of cubes could be cut from it, and with time they could fill up the entire universe. All that would be needed is to put a small cube first in a red wheelbarrow, and then over and over again, building a bigger cube over and over and around it. Watch it go. The little cubes will bury the wheelbarrow and everything in sight.

Eventually the agglomeration of cubes would become colossal and fill the entire cosmos, and there would be no 4th dimension anywhere in any of it, and no room for anything else. What could not fit in it could not fit in anywhere else either, even for a tricky old snake, unless he was hidden in the pile.


Nec plus ultra, nothing further beyond, except for infinity, and all by three in one three in one. As much as billions and trillions in China, if the geometry experiment descends into the abyss or ascends to the stars, the way of gains and losses, accomplishments or failures, follows a path set in 3-D. The colossal cube could be contained within one cosmic sphere of the greatest size, like a balloon that contained every other geometric figure and everything possible, yet no where within any of it would there be any trace of a 4th dimension.*  


Even if there are magicians or other strange other-worldly beings who can make themselves disappear, and then reappear, materializing out of "nowhere" and thin air, and passing through walls, that does not mean that they go in and out of a 4th dimension. There is something else unseen within the trick, maybe something preternatural or supernatural, perhaps invisible, but something mysteriously weird and magical in 3-D, since it is part of the unification.

Like the theory of H20, that water appears out of thin air, there are three parts to a magic trick. As Cutter in "The Prestige" said, “Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called 'The Pledge'. The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. He shows you this object. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered, normal. But of course ... it probably isn't.

The second act is called 'The Turn'. The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordinary. Now you're looking for the secret ... but you won't find it, because of course you're not really looking. You don't really want to know. You want to be fooled. But you wouldn't clap yet. Because making something disappear isn't enough; you have to bring it back.

That's why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call 'The Prestige'.”

Magic would not be the same without at least some smoke and fire, now and then, and by coincidence the components of the fire triangle are three: oxygen, heat, and fuel.

Old Aristotelian entelechia is a simple three-ring circus of origin, effciency, and end; and some philopsophers say the mind is like a fire, and the three components of transcendentalism combine aspects of the intellectual, the aesthetic, and the spiritual. In a similar way, all useful energy is a simple network of three parts in the generator, the transmission, and the grid. 




"A good many things go around in the dark besides Santa Claus",-58 and one old observation that may have been forgotten is that there are only three things that God does not know:

1. what a Jesuit is actually thinking
2. how many different orders of nuns there are
3. and how much money the Francsicans have


If irony is wasted on the stupid not necessarily the poor, Dostoevsky thought that all the world could go to Hell, but he should always have his tea. There were three mysterious visitors to Abraham too, and the three theological virtues of Christian religion are faith, hope, and charity; and the three purposes of any house are stability, prosperity, and happiness, and the three basic functions of money are only as medium of exchange, measure of value, and store of wealth, and so forth. 


If a good and cheerful soul would be a little temple of prayer, for time on the vine and contemplation, then also for 3-D, with little wingèd friends, in the spirit flying, in and about: whereby faith, understanding, and the counsel of goodness may cultivate the breadth, length, and height of that wisdom which surpasses all knowledge. Even among the cherubim and dominions, little elves and fairies like Tinkerbell only want peace, that the spirit and roots of animation may be enriched, even to the life of happiness in the Trinity. "To dream the impossible dream" is something more than for a demi-puppet, "to calm the heart" and hear the solemn curfew, and not fall away into the dreadful abysss far below.

Where St. Paul mentions "depth" in Ephesians, he does not mean a 4th dimension, but only magnitude of grace, and increase to the everlasting realm in 3-D ... in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, etc. Destiny may be hard to judge for size, but the Bible never mentions a 4th dimension, of course. There was not one in the pillar of fire or the pillar of cloud; there was not one in any flash of lightning from storm, thunder, or smoke; and Moses never saw one in the burning bush, or in the parting of the Red Sea.

By the natural wits of leviathan, and the ancient Dog Star in the sky, the Egyptians could not find any 4th or 5th dimension either, and for all the trouble of the Nile flooding in its seasons and all the plagues.


Plato taught that there were three principle faculties within the sphere of a human soul in the appetitive, rational, and the spirited, and Aristotle recognized essentially the same thing.


Since whatever is of motion is a question of animation, virtue, and assimilation, the Platonic theory of the soul (Latin "anima", soul, breath) is not alienated from the classical theory of impetus, momentum, and motivation based on potential and actual forces. Specific animation and actualization by design explain the world of motion better than Newtonian "gravity". The Platonic concept of the soul as the animating force with three faculties in one (rational, appetitive, and spiritual) parallels the virtue and assimilation of other animated forces and elements in nature. In natural terms of the real material world of physics, the design present in elemental structures, and the disposition of potential motion, and actualization of force would be like the rational, appetitive, and spirited: like a car, the key, and the ignition, etc.



Besides the overall attributes of animated forces, which are three in like so, like so more, and like so less, many more things are organized in three for one to be perfect. For example, the three basic areas of driving are decisiveness, communication of intention, and vision; and in piloting a plane, there are only pitch, yaw, and roll.


The three basic steps in the printmaking process are creating the printing plate, inking the plate, then transferring the image to the plate, and the three basic parts of a firearm are the action, stock, and barrel.

The three basic parts of the calendar and astronomy are the Earth, Sun, and Moon; and the three basic subatomic particles are neutrons, electrons, and protons. The three parts of life of a natural creature are genesis, growth, and nutrition, where the three main parts of a cell are cell membrane, nucleus, and cytoplasm. The three main parts of a plant are roots, stems, and leaves; and the three main parts of a neuron are cell body, axon, and dendrites; and three main parts of a brain are cerebrum, cerebellum, and brain stem.

The three main parts of education are the three r’s, reading, writing, and arithmetic, and so it goes ad infinitum. As space reflects nature,  for a few more, the three main parts of a sphere are radius, circumference, and volume; as the three main parts of geometry are length, width, and height; and the three main parts in duality of a cube are front and back, the sides, and top and bottom; and the three extrinsic parts of a rhetorical situation are the issue of exigence, the audience, and the set of constraints.

"We can speak and think only of what exists", and a thesis statement likewise has three main parts: the limited subject, the precise opinion, and the blueprint of reasons. The goodness of a moral act is determined by three elements in object, intention, and circumstances; and in business the three forms of work are manufacturing, service, and merchandising; and for all the math to assess eveything, there are equalities, inequalities, and functions.

In acting, there are three main tools of voice, body, and imagination, and out of all the repetition of so many things in three's, and all kinds of increase, there is no room or angle for a 4th dimension. No, no, no, and time is not from a 4th dimension either, of course. Time is not independent of space, as much as vertical is not independent of horizontal, and space and time cannot be separated. Time is always three and one in past, present, and future, and time necessitates space, as much as space necessitates time, as much as two points in time, like two points in space, cannot be separated by nothing.

There is always some kind of energy or procession between them. If  salt is for some kind in the third wave, like a battery, we have time because everything cannot happen at the same time, and we have space because everything cannot happen in the same place. Natural motion, as a solution, is not and cannot be instantaneous; and there is not any time or space without some associate property of energy, however subtle or rarefied.

Dante's "Divine Comedy" is one vast convention resolved in three parts: the Inferno, the Purgatorio, and the Paridisio, and every circle, sphere and bolgia of whatever at whatever level, from top to bottom in the book, is naturally in 3-D.

Even the egregious hoax of Foucault’s pendulum, which would supposedly present discovery of a bridge into infinity, by division from zero at the equator, with a hidden gyroscope and its supposedly fixed plane of cosmic oscillation, has never given any sign of a 4th dimension. Therefore, the 4th dimension is merely fantasy, like Foucault's pendulum at the equator would be detailing infinity à l'envers.






After studying proofs for division by zero, and that all numbers equal all others, including trillions in the markets to one index finger on the button, Foucault's pendulum runs into the same problems as Galileo's marbles and Newtons's musket balls ... ad infinitum.

Natural space is not "absolute" in an appropriate sense of present infinitude but mixed together, ex post facto, this way and that. A limited composite resolved in proportions, arranged and collected together in many different and merely extensive parts, so-called "absolute space" cannot be rendered or connected together into a collection of many or a quantum plane, however great or extensive, since that which would be predicated of absolute infinitude is beyond natural comprehension.


Natural know-how is gradual, and if one traveled to Mars, and then to the most distant star, it would have been only halfway to the point that was twice as far away. If one then went to the point that was twice as far away, it would still not have been halfway into infinity, because infinitude simply cannot be fathomed by parts. Halfway or less to the point that is twice as far away is as far as any natural motion can go to reach the limitless edge that always vanishes beyond measure. The infinite quality cannot be contained by a numbered amount, and any kind of infinity is infinite, absolutely, and beyond all quanta, and no natural numbers, weights, or lights, et cetera, however great, can be infinite ... of themselves.


"Nunc dimittis servum tuum in pace, Domine, secundum verbum tuum, quia viderunt oculi mei salutare tuum", prayed the old man Simeon in the Temple. And in extensive concurrence with Huygens' principle, the mathematics of the cosmos is in the form of a sphere, and many various spheres; and there are a few ways to recognize that the cosmos overall is a sphere, and that it is not infinite, even without the help of satellites.

For example, that which "is absolutely infinite cannot be excelled" -- since, "any perfection that can exist in numerically different things is more perfect if it exist in several than if it exist merely in one. Therefore, what is absolutely infinite cannot be found in several numerically different things."-59 Yet we see things in nature excelling by numbers from day to day, wherefore "the infinite is that which exceeds the finite, not exactly by reason of any finite measure, but in excess of any measure that could be assigned".-60



"Man is the child of customs, not the child of his ancestors",-61 and even with billion dollar wrenches from NASA, it may be impossible to reach Saturn with a golf ball retriever; but if there were innumerable ones extended as far as Saturn, from all around the surface of the Earth, it would create the appearance of a spiked sphere in outer space, like a gumball from a sweetgum tree. If all extensions to the range of Saturn could continue on equidistant with the most distant star, they would make another sphere, and if they then went only halfway to the point that was farthest away from Saturn, or halfway to the point that was twice as far away as them all, the overall pattern that would emerge would be three more spheres. So gumball added to gumballs the cosmos must be a sphere.

Whatever its radius, the form of the cosmos is a sphere, and the Earth is the sphere at rest at its center; and Kepler's law of the ellipse simply does not fit the spherical nature and place of the Earth in the cosmos.




The greatest circle goes around the circle and, if called absolute, space is still fractional in the corners. This is also the pattern in best agreement with all the telescopic evidence from outer space, including extensive studies of the isotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation, the CMB dipole, gamma radiation and gamma ray bursts, X-ray clusters, quasars, and the spherically layered distribution of distant star cluters around the earth: and the doppler effects of redshift in starlight, etc. "The simple interpretation is that all the radiation in the universe, whether it is symmetric or asymmetric, is centered around the Earth. All the data show that, as far out as our telescopes can see, space is oriented geocentrically."-62

As far back as the 8th century BC, Isaiah described the earth and the universe as a sphere. "It is he that sitteth upon the globe of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as locusts: he that stretcheth out the heavens as nothing, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in."

Qui sedet super gyrum terrae et habitatores eius sunt quasi lucustae: qui extendit velut nihilum caelos et expandit eos sicut tabernaculum ad inhabitandum.-63

The heavens, planets, and stars are stretched out all around the earth, which is a sphere within spheres. The celestial orbs are spread out as circles. This is what Anaximander, Anaximenes, Pythagoras, Xenophanes, Parmenides, Plato, Eudoxus, Aritstole, Ptolemy, Tycho Brahe, Riccioli and many others believed. Copernicus himself was still in circles before Kepler and the ellipse. And Newtonian gravitation is not a terrestrial or cosmic force of any lateral significance. Within the larger picture from the greatest sphere, there is not any normative sense of up or down, except for the labels, and since gravity is not at all sideways, and the earth and the cosmos are all in spheres, then it is not vertical either.


Any vertical column from a sphere is lateral to many sets, and many sets of four corners, formed in steps at ninety degrees of the uniform curve around: and all the way around from there is another circle. The latitude always makes a longitude, and the longitude always makes a latitude, either way if the labels are reversed.

And, certainly, the infinite does not speed up or increase. It remains the same as much as the infinite divisibility of extension is total absurdity. If there were an infinite motion, it would have to be instantaneous, curved, and indivisible. It would be unlimited and beyond measure. Therefore, an infinite motion would have to be supernatural, whereas natural motion cannot occur instantaneously or remain indivisible. Natural motion cannot occur in a single instant, and that way be beyond measure, but must pass through different instants by division, even if the instants would begin to seem microcosmic or difficult to number. An indivisible singularity that would be perfectly continuous with motion would not be something natural, since any natural motion must always have at least two parts. Natural motion is everywhere inflected by some division, some fractional bias, whereas any infinite motion in what would be called "absolute space" is not.


(*VI) The term "infinity" can be used in two different senses. It can mean innumerability and things that run beyond practical measure. This is the "potential infinity" that can "fit" inside some people's heads for a thought experiment. Then there is "absolute infinity", which is also "actual infinity", or the unmitigated infinity, which simply cannot fit inside people's heads and cannot be fathomed by parts or any measures. Nobody can count their way into absolute unmitigated infinity by exponents of any kind or calculus.





just for a look ...

A man who was walking home from downtown work in the city happened to pass a halfway house for indigent parolees from the mental health and substance abuse clinics. There was a tall wooden fence along the sidewalk and the sides, for total enclosure. He couldn't see over, but he could hear from the yard inside the excited voices of the inmates laughing and shouting, "twelve, twelve, twelve".

The planks of the fence were so tightly placed together that no one could see through any cracks. When he saw a hole in the fence, he felt so curious that he decided to look in to see what was going on. All of a sudden, he was poked in the eye with a stick. They all started shouting "thirteen, thirteen, thirteen."



(One Thanksgiving holiday a visiting granddaughter, a high school cheerleader at the time, and Colonel Bonaventure were watching Carl Sagan expostulate on a TV rerun about Edwin Abbot's book "Flatland", and the 4th dimension and "tesseracts". They were so entertained by his depiction of a hyper-cubed tesseract that they managed to write a poem in response, even if not very good, as it may be for an odd occasion.)



Junior Varsity Invocation to a Tesseract


O tesseract, O tesseract!
where have you gone?

Sans wisdom, you could be exact
such as was song

Saw you in the funny papers
so crazy cool

Full of mischief, a real caper
too cool for school

No one's seen you in sand pebbles
roses or thorns

From yon 4th dimension revels
trumpet the horns

One sign from you could bring more mirth
than cold green beer

or all the wisdom of this earth
twinkling with cheer

You know how to spin a handle
out of thin air

If you were stuck in my sandal
would i not care?





If a tesseract was stuck inside somebody's shoe, and he examined it as closely as possible, the thing-in-itself -- das Ding an sich -- would only manifest in 3-D. If it was from yon 4th dimension, one could never tell for analysis of the confusion. If it looked like something that might enjoy a better explanation than just looking at it, and staring, he could ask a scientist for help, and if he could get directions to the 4th dimension, so he could return it.

Many scientistists would try and think they are making sense, but it would only be more bad directions. The teachers of heliocentric doctrine and relativity will say, however, that this is because people and the world are trapped in three dimensions and cannot comprehend the 4th.


They have a way to suppose that it is no surprise that math should hurt the brain, and that from three dimensions one is unable to discover the fourth; as supposedly from two dimensions, one would be unable to discover the third, if it was not already known that it was in existence. What one sees of the hyper-cubed tesseract, limited in three dimensions, that was caught in the shoe, therefore, is only a shadow of the fourth, so to speak.


A postulant of the 4th, 5th, or n dimensions may continue, that if a coordinate system is everywhere restricted to four opposite directions, from two intersecting lines in one plane, there would be no way to tell that there was a third dimension. Therefore, as well, when a coordinate system is three dimensional, we only imagine that it is complete because we are unable to recognize a fourth dimension in it, except by the weirdest whisper of a shadow.


To illustrate the example, imagine that we are perfectly flat, so absolutely flat, as flat as we can be, and that we live in a place called "Flatland". In this community of flatness, everybody would be exceptionally level, of course. The citizens would have width and length but no height at all. As the flatest circles, squares, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, octogons and other two dimensional figures go, we would circulate about in our geometry and pursue the flatest business in the world in the flatest buildings and very level flat places.


According to experience as Flatlanders, we would only know about four sides to a subject: left and right, forward and back, but we have never heard of up and down. Our awareness there is kept completely horizontal, with no direct recognition of the vertical, and our situation here would be similar to that, when we try to imagine the fourth dimension in a cube, et cetera.


This is the fantasy land described by Edwin Abbot in his science fiction account, "Flatland", a satirical novella first published in 1884, that would help convey in some way the imaginary existence of a 4th dimension. By limiting the perspective, with removal of one side of things in the up and down, by restricting the three we know to two, a cloud of unknowing would descend in a plane, sufficient that from two dimensions one should be able to discern by illustration of analogy in the confusion that there would also be a fourth.


But is this really true, and logical, or only science fiction? On the other hand, could a Flatlander not reasonably begin to figure out one day that there must be a third dimension in space but never, and forever never, a fourth, even without visitation of a higher being from the third?


It should be obvious at least that there are two sides to things, even in Flatland. There is always a beginning and an end, since everything has at least two sides. Duality and reflection of rotation, looked at from either side of four directions, from this way to that, clockwise or counter-clockwise, creates the indirect impression of a sphere, overall, or a rubik's cube, since the two sides are opposite in mathematical intention.

Every aspect has at least two sides and a middle, and people mull things over in 3-D. There is the mind itself, that is one, the declension of inflection, and as reflection that is two, and then the process of retension or conjugation of conjunction in between, that is three ...



Even with the greatest flatness possible, the thinnest figures in Flatland will still have at least some edge for their borders. If the factor "y" of the vertical axis was really zero, in terms of existence, not only for putative denial of location, then Flatland would not be able to exist, because the horizontal is not independent of the vertical. x is not independent of y, and zero times zero is zero, only zero of zero by the sea, where there would be no summer waves, April showers, or winter ice. If there was no vertical aspect of even the most leveled and lowest sort, there would be no horizontal, because without some quality of the vertical there would not be any sides of width and length.


For instance, if the point of origin of Flatland is (0,0) for the x and z axes (excluding y) the value is in terms of position not ontology, if Flatland exists at all. The 0 there is expressed in terms of the center location and direction not nothingness. Where there is always a designated zero point for "y", everywhere one goes in Flatland, the zero is really in terms of curiosity of position, for a ubiquitous lack of elevation not existence. There is no position of elevation to any account in Flatland, but there is still an edge to the littlest fractional amount all around and in all the figures.


In a two dimensional cross-section, the third dimension is hovering above and below, even if it exists in Flatland only by constant evasion -- by the thinnest edge of its plane. "Y" does not equal nothing predicated of zero, even in Flatland, except after the style of lack of elevation in location, not total non-existence; and the third dimension manifests virtually in two, even where it may seem to be missing. Therefore, the image of the third, if not its more direct experience, is already there in Flatland, even as flat as it could be.


If a poor square took a good look around and saw the border of a circle one day, he could begin to realize that things were not as flat as he thought. A circle is not flat in the edge of the curve, going all the way around; and every figure has a face, and every face has two sides. Records have side A and side B, for instance, and with any grooves for the sound that is getting a little three dimensional already.

Increase and decrease are possible in Flatland, of course, as much as the numbers, no matter how flat, so how can the way be sure that a circle will not one day change a few degrees, as events may determine for proof of awareness? With adjustments, funny things may happen, and perhaps it may even seem that the figures in the place would breathe a little. If one could not hold his breath, he would just have to let it out.

The vertex of every angle other than 180" is bent and bent is not so "flat". The reason a proper circle should be flat is that it has three hundred and sixty degrees rotated equally in its plane. However, if there were any dents, bumps, or crinkles in rotation around, in the life of a circle, or if any of the degrees were lost or too many added, it will not be so well curved in the event and flat in the edge. If it begins to crinkle in a corner, it will develop a little concavity. Or if it adds too many, it will begin to bulge, and either way the math goes, if it does not add up correctly to exactly 360", it will lose some of its fitness for flatness.


If a triangle, a rhombus, or a Euclidean kite were only thinking about the complete flatness of a curve that goes all the way around, the thought would also need to see the form of any circle in projection from above and below, to see the totality. The thing could be different colors on different sides, and seeing things from both sides of the form, for all the color and geometry in projection, is mulling things over in 3-D. If one would see the whole circle, not just a little section in the offing, one would have to see all points of circumference, and all the degrees in a template from a point of sight to the circle's plane.

Any point of sight to a template is a 3-D implication, and with enough awareness from juxtapostion of different figures, projection, and superimposition, a Flatlander one day could begin to perceive that the mind of place is 3-D, if not the place itself. For instance, in abstraction of a small blue circle, superimposed in a red triangle, within a larger yellow square, a little wing of 3-D goes floating by in the principle of separation of species by sight, in the slightest background note of the sequence, and difference in figure, color, and size.

If vision and the mind's eye in Flatland would be represented by a two-dimensional digit, for the flatness of the experience, the interior of the eye would still have to be 3-D from within itself, das Ding an sich. Water is the essence in the eye, and seeing is a three part process in the drop, and the object seen, the faculty of sight, and the projection of what is seen in the mind. If the digital eye of the land in Flatland were to look around, to see the nature of the place, it would have to recognize that while things were very flat, there was side A and side B. There would be, therefore, an up and down, as much as the color of one side is opposite the other, when the colors are different. To understand the picture, therefore, it must be from a third dimensional property hidden in some aethereal cloud of refinement above and below.

It does not make sense to imagine there would be visibility and light in Flatland, if there was not a third dimension, since light is three dimensional. There is not any light that is not three dimensional any less than a drop of water. Even the smallest digital points of light are in shells that extend in three dimensions. If Flatland was totally dark and lacked all visibility and color, maybe then a square limited there could not figure it out, that there was a third dimension, and would remain forever in two-dimensional obscurity. But that really is another case to say that nobody can see anything in Flatland, and that it is totally dark.

There may be no better way to represent a two-dimensional operation of vision, in the eye of the land in Flatland, than by the smallest digitzed point of light; and there may be no better way to represent the smallest point of light than by a tiny, tiny sphere. So the irony of the third dimension would only be a slight reckoning away, in the hint of the apple of the eye, one day to be discovered by Flatlanders, who are not absolutely blind and take a good look around to see a luminescent ray.

Once a square discovers the principle of reflections and rotation, he could deduce that there was in the scheme of things a third dimension, that he could call up and down, even if it was not so well developed in Flatland. If he worked for a flat-ways construction company called Gemini Construction, for example, that was operated by twin circles, and they were commissioned to build three roads between point Z and point M, it would become apparent again that there are two sides to everything.

And where there is reflection and rotation, there is also inside and out, and outside and in, which would not be possible without some aspect of a portal, a spiral of portability, even from a third dimension -- even if it were so flat, as flat as it could be.


If when they were facing forward, the twin circles were blue on the right and red on the left, it becomes the reverse order when anyone else faces them, or when they face each other. If they were both half blue, half red, and they were right-handed to the blue side, when  facing each other, the blue effect would be inside to the right, and the red outside to the left. For vice versa, like this or like that, in the cross-over effects of red and blue, inside and out, from spinning around in circles at work, like so, there arises some restricted inkling of a spiral if not a third dimension in the construction process ... since it all reverses again, if the eye of the land looks at it with projection from side A or side B.


If Gemini Construction made money by quantity not only quality, and the first two roads they built from Z to M were in the rounding arc of semi-circles, they would make more money from either of the two semi-circle roads than from building a shorter straight road ZM. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, certainly, and less money to charge the government. If they wanted to make as much money from the straight-line road ZM in the middle, as from the two curved roads on the outside, they would have to pack the same quantity of road overall into it, which would in some way create some elevation -- at least a little, either in a curve up into the vertical, or in smaller scattered bumps, or a tunnel. How could they conceal and condense such tricky business and make extra money, if they would be so devious with a straight line even in Flatland?

These things must be in common, and an Oversight Commitee would surely have to notice that the third road in the middle was not as level as the first two on the outside. Such a scheme to make extra money, when it would be discovered, could cause a scandal, if this was how the community began to understand that there was indeed a third dimension in math and the budget, if not more directly in the country.  If Gemini Construction alone recognized the opportunity for bigger dollars in the vertical, but decided to keep things more on the level, because of ethics and fear they could get caught on the fiddle -- at least they would already know in the business that there is a potential third dimension, everywhere in the corners and reflections, or a trick rotation, if for an extra dollar, when things are restricted in two's, duo duo.


Besides roads, the experience of locomotion and conveyance in Flatland would lead Flatlanders to intuit the third dimension, since no motions would be possible without superficial separation. A doctor of science can understand it is one thing to be flat and another to be stuck.


Also, the accumulation of reflections and rotations, and the awareness of sideways that comes from two sides to everything and light, would add to the positive deduction that there are three dimensions in math, even if the country is deprived. The postulates, theorems, and calculations of algebra and geometry will prove it: and any sideways rotations to any established angles, or any such conveniences or conveyances, not just in opposite directions, or continuing the other way, creates 3-D. If there was not a third dimension, or the least bump of an odd rotation, even if so totally limited as possible, to be called the flatest duality, everything would get stuck and be completely dark in Flatland.

Two-dimensional things being what they are, with as much fiddling around as there could be in construction and contracts in a country like Flatland, at least a few poor squares, as well as some circles and triangles, could spy out one day that there are three logical dimensions in math and all the numbers, even if they may be restricted sometimes and some places to flat two's. They could also recognize that there are only three dimensions in total space for the same reasons that there are only five Platonic solids, and that three dimensions are enough for everything ... ad infinitum. 

Therefore, there must not be a fourth dimension in space, or anywhere for time, since there simply is no parallel way to depict four dimensions in three, the way there is to depict three in one and all over two.