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Graviora manent

Quiddity Quality Structure Design


There may be students and many thinkers at books, but many more faces among them, since each person has several; and sometimes also there is or may have been time to prepare. To meet the faces, and with as many ideas and ways of expression, as so much more many to learn, and with so much information, what could be the gravity of a chemistry school book? So many pages of eye-poppng formulas and illustrations. Atomic theory to include all the bloom of color and light, besides all the ink from when of what. Yet beyond all these, and squirrels in trees, from where do the highest mountains come, climbing up into the sky and then the ephemerides?

"They come from the sea" was the answer, and "this testimony is written into their rock and the walls of their summits. The highest gains its height from the deepest."-1 Up from below, they would say, almost as other pyramids would, or billionaires in money market schemes, and then the spirit of heaviness whispers, and wonder-wrought waves become bone in winter's ice of a frozen seashore.

Polar bears and goats to enjoy the inspirations of nature. There is the relation among extremes and mimesis, median, and mode, mmm hmm and the cost of books at the college book store, the way to get there and back, and the time and energy that would be invested in reading, regarding, and understanding them. There is the weight of grasping the subject matter contained, and the actual weight of the elements and materials only discussed in the book, and not actually there, except in virtue of being at large in the world of creation and for discussion. There is the question of substance, being as it is, and then there is the weight and density of the book itself. There is the gravity of the social environment of school, the time of class, and course deadlines of the syllabus. There is the gravity of the grade obtained, A - F, and, of course, the gravitational costs of tuition.

In French, "gravir" means to climb, and with the insanities of inflation, tuition and school costs certainly will increase. It could become heavier and more dense. "Graviora manent", they used to say, which means "heavier things remain", and sometimes greater dangers are ahead, for more work to be done.

Outside the ark of education, all is deluge, but how does the physical weight of a 3 pound text book whistle to work in gravity? Practice must be brought as nearly as possible to the world of facts, and vice versa, even in so many fluttering pages of atomic theory, and what does it do in gravity, and what does it show about the Earth and its relation to the Sun, when a cup of coffee can settle into such a ruin as permanent stains?


The corny man may survive difficulties of the wallet and circumstance by straightness of the plow, for "no man ever wetted clay and then left it, as if there would be bricks by chance and fortune." Stranger things also demonstrate that Newton's theory of heliocentrism and of universal and mutual gravitation by the inverse squared is mistaken. Partly true, partly false, his first law or axiom of motion, that "Every body perseveres in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a right line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed thereon,"(2) is as commonly misconstrued among ambiguities today as much as it is wrong or misguided.


Things fall in place or out not because of Newtonian gravitation. Since things moved accidentally or by circumstance must come to rest because they are not moved of their own accord or first nature, accidental motion cannot continue forever, of course, anyway, and furthermore, things which do not move have no relation in time. As such things today remain as they were then, F = mv or F = ma are only two arcane distinctions without a real difference, except for the sake of appearance. Where the more prized and modernist F = ma would propose more absurd math fumdiddles and heliocentric nonsense, to escape Aristotle, even so called "gravitational waves" do not actually exert any gravitational force. They are said to be ultra-weak disturbances of potential energy fields or other space-time media due to the acceleration of bodies -- since relativity would postulate an equivalence between acceleration and gravity. "So far", for actuality however, "they have proved too weak to detect directly in any laboratory or astrophysical experiment. They are certainly far too weak to have any influence on any macroscopic body in their path."(3)


And the moon then would affect ocean tides because of "gravity"?


The first phrase of Newton's law, that "every body perseveres in its state of rest" ... "unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed thereon", is naturally correct enough, of course. Scripted down, it goes without saying that "unless a strong enough force encounter it, a thing stays safely as it was."(4) Columbo might notice too that it is the second phrase, involving continuous "uniform motion in a right line", that dissolves itself in chaos, folly, and error, since it is unavoidable that continuation of motion depends also on extensive continuation of some effective force. 

Trajectory is affected by the link, ipso facto trajectionis vinculo. And since "nature imitates herself: a grain thrown into good ground brings forth fruit: a principle thrown into a good mind brings forth fruit. Everything is created and conducted by the same Master, -- the root, the branch, the fruits -- the priniples, the consequences."(5)

No thing can become complete outside its own nature or advance save in its own kind, as there is no root in nature without its seed and its source. For instance, as the wind dies in the matter of direction, flags stop waving and windmills stop turning. There is no movement or echo of a sound without the combination in the effects.

Fontis conditio ea radicibus sine qua non, and "gravity" so-called is rather a simple and coextensive attribute of things as they are already in themselves. Like division or multiplication by the number one, it is not any extra-extensive or lateral force for a difference. It is not a radial or mechancial one either, since a radial force is also lateral from the axis of rotation.


As a strictly coextensive attribute, like multiplication or division by one, and something that would make sense, it becomes a simple matter of structural weight and density: and as circumstances are on Earth, it brings things loosed across the surface of the Earth to rest, as the Earth is already stationary before them. And weight by itself does not constitute a source of motion.


The property of weight may be regarded as a matter of density, mass, composition, compression, and presence of impressed forces, et cetera, and that is what "gravitas" means. Yet weight is not so complicated as an occult action-at-a-distance like Newtonian "gravitation". Weight by itself does not cause motion and by itself cannot support a scientific theory of motion. Weight from the Earth, for example, does not cause the Moon to go around it.



Objects loosed in motion across the Earth tend to come to rest not necessarily as in the first law of motion from Newton, because of "impressed forces", but because of the simple nature of finite motion itself and finite force in the first place. Finite motions and forces per se, such as those commonly taking place across the Earth, cannot persevere infinitely in "uniform motion in a right line" anyway, regardless of whatever friction or interference may or may not occur.


An infinite motion must have an infinite source, and infinite motion in a straight line is not at all possible, since every straight line, "right line" as Newton calls it, has a beginning and an end, and, therefore, clearly, no straight line can be infinite. If a force is activated along a right line, the character of instantiation that makes it finite in the beginning and finite in the end is its own essential compressed quality in the line, that is inescapable in the nature of finitude itself.


The only infinite motion mathematically and logically possible is circular. Not only by metaphor but by simple math and logic, circles, not straight lines, would symbolize infinite motion. Without beginning or end, circles are the best symbols of eternity, and of any infinite motion or infinite force, not straight lines "forever".


Bodies in motion across the Earth and those in outer space do not persevere in a uniform right line. Rather, those loosed on Earth tend to come to rest as the Earth itself is always stationary before them; and the celestial bodies up above, persevering in continuous uniform motion in space, are all going in circles, traiectiones motusque orbium stellarum, not in right lines. 


And "gravity", as it would be hidden in free fall acceleration, works vertically and down, not laterally; therefore also, it is not circular, infinite, or universal more than superintendence from the center. Gravity does not impel or compel things in horizontal motion. It does not throw, push, or pull things to the side. Rather, gravity works in straight lines vertically, in the direction called "down" that is perpendicular to the surface of still water.


Not explosive or extra-extensive, such a force does not throw things sideways. Strange pitches in baseball are not from gravity, and the weight discovered in a chemistry school book is not from some part of universal gravitation but from the elements themselves that compose it. As a result of efficient cause, also called causae per se, meaning what something is as it is itself, the weight of the book is authentic as a simple and coextensive attribute. The authenticity in the context is a question of quiddity and quality, whether opened or closed, yet the force is not radial from "gravity" to move things laterally or flip the pages.

Things in motion or at rest are so according to the question and virtue of direction, and gravity is not electricity, magnetism, or electro-magnetism either. Not the quality itself or direction of hot or cold or wet or dry, the gravity that Newton was talking about is not an actual element of nature itself. Not more generalized than density in contrast to rarifiability, it is something different from the thing itself and not innate to matter, yet that which would be hidden in the structure and design of things in motion or at rest. Stranger evidence for things may be difficult to find, and Newton's gravity would correspond by scientific convention only to accidental and coincidental causes in opposition but not the opposition itself.


A three pound chemistry school book left on a desk, therefore, or in an old abandoned turnip truck, will not ever move because of gravity. Four pumpkins put in the four corners of the bed of an old abandoned turnip truck will never gravitate towards one another in the middle or to something outside. Gravity does not move mountains, and it does not move pumpkins laterally; and the Earth is not moving due to any influence of gravitational force or attraction from the Sun or the Moon, or any other celestial body that orbits it.


It is obvious that the Earth is not moving, and the Foucault pendulum hoaxem at the Judeo-Masonic controlled UN proves it also. If one could not already tell by walking around, the mountains of interferometer experiments like Michelson-Morley prove it as well, the Earth is authentically at rest. 

With some real collection of density, gravity could become as real in nature as gravitas, perhaps, but that would not make it electricity, radio waves, x-rays, or put it within the spectrum of magnetism or electro-magnetism by the inverse squared. Not more for atomic mystery than chemistry or chemical charges themselves, and not actively elemental, what Newton described is not in fields or clouds of opposition or quantum mechanics either.

Yet from where do the forms and tension in events come? How do they have a purpose in rhyme and reason other than for division and multiplication by one? How do they resolve with aim in ends?


"Graviora manent", the movers say, and A and B are not A and B on two opposite ends of a line or a stick because of gravity. Even if it represents a radiating sphere of influence, that attracts or repels, the golf ball does not roll along a right line for what Newton and heliocentrism erroneously theorized as an occult action-at-a-distance to explain the cosmos. Rather, what is in question is something passive, that must be simple and logical all the while, as it would be in occurrence: in geometry and space by weight of the numbers and structure and design of things that are real in quale quid.



                         A RIVER went singing, adown to the sea, 
                         And the dim rippling river said softly to me 
                         "I'm bringing,--a-bringing-- 
                         While floating along-- 
                         A beautiful song 
                         To the shores that are white where the waves are so 
                         To the beach that is burdened with wrecks that are 
                         A song sweet and calm 
                         As the peacefulest psalm; 
                         And the shore that was sad 
                         Will be grateful and glad,-- 
                         And the weariest wave from its dreariest dream 
                         Will wake to the sound of the song of the stream: 
                         And the tempests shall cease 
                         And there shall be Peace."

                         From the fairest of fountains 
                         And farthest of mountains, 
                         From the stillness of snow 
                         Came the stream in its flow.

                         Down the slopes where the rocks are gray, 
                         Thro' the vales where the flowers are fair-- 
                         Where the sunlight flashed--where the shadows lay 
                         Like stories that cloud a face of care,-- 
                         The river ran on,--and on,--and on 
                         Day and night, and night and day 
                         Going and going; and never gone, 
                         Longing to flow to the "Far away"-- 
                         Staying and staying, and never still 
                         Going and staying as if one will, 
                         Said "Beautiful River go to the sea," 
                         And another will whispered, "Stay with me:" 
                         And the river made answer, soft and low-- 
                         "I go and stay"--"I stay and go."

                         But what is the song, I said, at last 
                         To the passing river that never passed;-- 
                         And a white, white wave whispered, "List to me, 
                         I'm a note in the song for the beautiful sea, 
                         A song whose grand accents no earth-din may sever 
                         And the river flows on in the same mystic key 
                         That blends in one chord the 'Forever and Never.'"