Dense vs Rare

"There is no branch of mathematics, however abstract, which may not someday be applied to the phenomena of the real world".



Non bene junctarum discordia femina rerum,
Ubi frigida puegnabant calidis, humentia siccis,
Mollia cum duris, sine pondere habentia pondus

 John Robison, Proofs of a Conspiracy


que aliud obstabat aliis, quia in uno corpore,
frigida pugnabant calidis, humentia siccis,
mollia cum duris, habentia pondus sine pondere
Deus et melior natura diremit hanc litem.

Ovid. Metamorphoses

If and when

There have been sages who warned that one should prepare the mind or prepare the rope. "Aut mentem parandam, aut laqueum", which means that life is not guaranteed, and that only with due application of reason and fortitude would man rise above the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.(1) Therefore, like them, Antisthenes taught that it will happen that one prepares himself mentally or hangs himself.


They have also said that it may be good to have a heart of iron, "ferreum certe tibi cor", if one would survive, and that reckoning with the many-sided tangles of life will manifest itself practically.(2) Yet as all the days and years go by, there is not even the smallest fraction of universal gravitation in rope or iron, by the inverse squared, or connecting anywhere in the table of elements. Newtonian gravitation is not between anything outside the mind, not even between the salt water and the sea strand, not even beside the liquor store.


Ex nihilo nihil fit: nothing comes from nothing, as it is nothing, even for pressure and elasticity of air, and if gravity is not innate to matter, where is it then? Not the breeze or any sort of lateral force, "gravity" does not move anything sideways, and in any true sphere the distinction between up and down, and to the side, is arbitrary, and "pure space" everywhere is spherical. So what makes the Moon go laterally around the Earth from along the ecliptic then?

It must not be "gravity", and the inner law of nature remains "that nothing is ever begotten of nothing."(3) And from heavy darkness comes nothing light. Nothing lightsome appears from the dark: ex tenebris gravibus nihil luminosis apparere.


Although air has mass and various density from affinities, what Newton called gravity is not in the atmosphere. The chemistry of the air and clouds or some temperature conduction or charge is not the thing. To chemical agency and the world of medicine, it is weigthless, as nothing, yet "truth will rise above falsehood as oil above water"(4); and the beneficial medicine in one hand, or poison in the other, does not take hold and have its effect because of gravity, which is only part of theoretical physics. Kepler’s, Galileo’s, and Newton’s occult action-at-a-distance, to explain a chaotic theory of the cosmos, is not discernible of any treatment or interaction in science, and has remained strictly theoretical with no assignable cause.


For example, the strange thing that would be like nothing, yet so heavy and causing the Earth to sail away in astronomical motion at the same time, is not in smelling salts, helium, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, sodium acetate or H2O. It is not sulfuric or lurking somewhere in water, potassium chlorate, or sugar by the drops or by the pounds, by the inverse squared or other proportions of any figures. The "universal gravitation" is not in aerodynamics or aeronautics, and not in steam, smoke, atomic weights, carbonation, or ice --- or in carbon dioxide, photosynthesis, or the leaves in the wind, et cetera. Campfires, cotton balls, electricity and metallurgy and the vapors are outside its vanishing domain, and it is not uncovered in the yields of any gold or silver mine, and it is not even hidden in the little corners in a box of matches, or the "flick of a bic" lighter instead of a match.


"No one does anything from a single motive", and when Antisthenes beat Diogenes with his walking staff, it was not from "gravity" or "universal gravitation", rather than ripeness, from either end of the stick. As there is nothing that is what it is because of Newtonian "gravitation" by the inverse squared, there is nothing that weighs what it does either because of "gravity". When feathers in Scotland were collected together and made into old golf balls, covered in hardened leather, the "gravity" for the game came not from "gravitation" but from thick compaction and simple density by compression. 


Outside and without all computer code, as nothing would be, it still is not there even when a computer room crashes or reboots, or if somebody pulls the plug on the entire building, or shuts out the lights. And neither is it anywhere between the sun and the moon or any other opposites. They have weighed silver and gold by the ounces and by the pounds, and neither is the metal that it is because of the supposed Newtonian force of universal gravitation --- since elemental substance proceeds only from unique properties that are real in quale quid.


If and when gravity was universal and constant, however, it would be all over for you and the birds --- and for NASA, NAFTA, NIST and the UN, and the Foucaulty pendulum hoaxem of vast Judeo-Masonic scientific materialist and globalist conspiracy, et cetera. If gravity was universal and constant, it would make everything dense and heavy, annihilating everything that was rare and that would be light. No birds and no planes could fly. One paper weight from the desk "would send all things wholesale to their demise", if they were not rather knit together by the elements themselves, loosely or then tightly, as they are with quality and substance from among the connecting predicables of ens reale intercalato.(5)


This is because concentration of density is necessary for "gravity" to have power and for differences in weight in bodies of equal size. For gravity would be no such great supposed thing, with priority of weight, and of such great important note to the world of science, without density; and density is a measure and quality that is in contrast to "rarifiability" --- a sort of neologism from rarefaction and friability. It is the office of density to press all things downward or together with condensation.(6)


Alcohol is more rarefied than water, a little less dense, of course, going to the top, and having a little bit of fire or joy in it as well, for the taste. Lighter, it lights and warms things up, adding a burn for pleasure, and making people high. Alcohol rises to the top not because of Newtonian "gravitation" acting on water more than whiskey, but from the difference in density and chemistry between the two liquids.


Rarifiability and density are contrary qualities, it goes without saying. Polar opposites, and if one of two contraries were actually infinite ... that is also constant and universal ... then nothing contrary to it would exist in nature; therefore, if gravity were constant and universal ... that is infinite ... then there would be nothing rare and nothing light in contrast to it. That way everything would become very dense and very heavy, and that would be the end of it for you, the birds, and the butterflies.


For instance, if the sun was infinitely hot ... that is universal and constant ... and its spatial extension of heat was everywhere ... like "gravity" ... either virtually or formally ... it would leave nothing cold in the universe.(7) That would be it, not even to worry about the inverse squared, and the end of it that way also, if that were true, and there would not be any more ice.


The Department of Agriculture may "plow the land with the horn of a lamb", and sow seeds of peppercorn north of the dam (in the water or mountain rocks), and reap it all with a sickle of leather --- yet not to worry what the elements may have in store for communist subsidies of bad world government, and the Judeo-Masonic New World Order, for "a day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work."(8) Worrying about idiotic backwardness, mental illness, megalomania, the abuse of rockets, and criminal science cannot help; and as Chauncey Gardiner (Peter Sellers) advised Jack Warden (the President) in the movie "Being There": "as long as the roots are not severed, all is well and all will be well in the garden. In a garden, growth has its season. First come spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter, and then we get spring and summer again. There will be growth in the spring." etc.

for trigonometrical common sense, to be wise, look at the the little 45 go around. It can only go one speed at a time, of course. The stereo turn table can only go one speed at a time. Like a record player, a ball or a solid sphere with density like the Earth can only spin one speed at a time. Even with the oceans, the land masses are substantial enough that it is the same with the Earth. The Earth cannot be spinning at many different speeds along its latitudes at once; but this sort of idiocy, that the Earth should be flying and spinning through space around the Sun, at many different speeds along its latitudes at once, to account for the 24 hour day, is what heliocentrism would have you believe. This way the spherical curvature of the Earth and the universal 24 hour day prove that the Earth is not moving, and that the Sun orbits the Earth. Alice Cooper and high school kids can understand this.


And there is no more reasonable and simple way to explain the changing position of the Sun, in view of the background stars of the ecliptic, through the course of every year, than to say that the Sun and stars orbit the Earth every day, since the Earth is always in between every opposition of the planets and stars in whatever range of the syzygies.

Latin sayings:

"Ferreum certe tibi cor", The Philosophy of Schopenhauer p.47, certainly a heart of iron.

"Aut mentem parandam, aut laqueum", ibid p.49, prepare the mind or the rope --- life is not guaranteed, prepare yourself or hang yourself.

"Homo sum, et nihil humani a me alienum puto", Terence, I am a man, and nothing that is human is alien to me.

"Quis id coxit coquus?", Plautus, what cook prepared this? (Plautus, Menaechmi)

"Nec pistoris nomen erat, nisi eius qui ruri far pinsebat" (Varro) Nor did the noun pistor (a crusher) exist, except for the man who ground corn in the country.